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13360Re: Sauron's Palantir

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  • xnemesis01
    Mar 25, 2004
      I've always believed that the Palantíri were turned to each other.
      So, even if you had one, you would need to have another one in a
      useful location to see anything at that location. I don't think that
      Sauron could simply want to see Amon Hen but that he would need a
      Stone there. This is demonstrated in the book where Pippin looks into
      the Orthanc stone and sees Sauron, who also sees him and believes
      Pippin to be the Ringbearer. Also, Denethor looked through the Anor
      stone and Sauron would show him visions of Gondor falling which
      eventually led him to believe that Gondor was doomed and Sauron would
      I think that the Hill of Seeing was the main factor behind that
      scene. Because if Sauron had been using a Palantír, he would have
      definitely seen Frodo (the Palantíri can't lie) and he thought
      Pippin had the Ring.
      Also, the person at the receiving end of a Palantír, no matter who
      they are, can't sense that they are being watched. The Palantíri,
      unlike say a Ring of Power, are not directly connected to the person
      guiding it so they can't be considered something that one could use
      to feel something. It is stated the Frodo can feel a shadow, so I'm
      led to believe that this was Sauron and his whole 'all-seeing eye'
      thing and Sauron's own connection to the Ring.
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