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Beren and Luthien

I'd be interested to know what you think of that book, Jack. That was probably my favorite chapter in the Silmarillion. I admit to being greatly disappointed
Ron Philo
Oct 7

Re: Hello? Is anyone else still here?

I'm still here! Watching the movies as much as I can.... Jackson's movies and I still miss Tom Bombadil! Not much time for the books right now and just missed
Oct 4

Re: Beren and Luthien

I'm a teacher. They don't actually give me money. I'm hoping someone will think of it for christmas From: "Steve steveseg@... [TolkienDiscussions]"
Oct 4

Re: Beren and Luthien

I'm waiting for the trade paperback. Steve S. ... From: 'Jack Whittaker' jack@... [TolkienDiscussions] To:
Oct 4

Re: Hello? Is anyone else still here?

I’ve just bought Beren and Luthien. From: TolkienDiscussions@yahoogroups.com [mailto:TolkienDiscussions@yahoogroups.com] Sent: 03 October 2017 22:30 To:
Jack Whittaker
Oct 3

Hello? Is anyone else still here?

Cleaning and reorganizing a bit, and saw how quiet this group has become. I haven't had a chance to read LOTR or Hobbit in the past couple of years; my folks
Oct 3

Re: New message, first since October of 2013

I’m yet to see Hobbit 3 – maybe this week. But yes – they have padded it out a lot, and from the look of the trailer the battle scene uses a lot of CGI
Jack Whittaker
Dec 27, 2014

New message, first since October of 2013

Hi all! I have not seen any activity since over a year ago! I have been watching reruns of the Hobbit on the pay channels and now the last instalment has been
Dec 25, 2014

Re: Concerning Hobbits (and all things Tolkien) Quizzo

Ohhhh, you're in Pennsylvania! That's a bit far for me - I thought you meant the Abington in Scotland... Good luck with the quizzo! Maybe after the day you
Jack Whittaker
Oct 17, 2013

Concerning Hobbits (and all things Tolkien) Quizzo

Thursday, Dec.12, 2013, from 7-8:30 p.m. Come get your Middle Earth on. Compete as teams or individuals. Adults, teens and inner children welcome. Prizes,
Oct 17, 2013

Re: Oooh fancy

I think it might be laketown? Except the houses aren't on the lake. Bilbo the barrel-rider his barrel travel companions were in the lower part of the picture,
Sep 20, 2013

Re: Oooh fancy

Well done! Don't panic if it disappears - some other owners have found it does, only to come back. Yahoo are still playing with their Neo interface. I haven't
Jack Whittaker
Sep 19, 2013

Re: Oooh fancy

Thanks! I finally got the file to upload. We look like a Tolkien group again. --- In TolkienDiscussions@yahoogroups.com,
Sep 19, 2013

Re: Digest Number 2417 [1 Attachment]

I vote yes! "One does not read The Silmarillion; one either abandons it in bored disgust, or else one lives in it." Peter Kreeft, 'Afterword: The Wonder of the
Sep 19, 2013

Re: The Littlelest Hobbit Fan

Have you read the book to him? Aside from this book in particular, reading to children is SO important. Bruce Alan Wilson
Bruce Alan Wilson
Sep 19, 2013
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