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  • Viet Si
    Thu*a qu y ddo^`ng huo*ng, Ki’nh mo*`i qu y ddo^`ng huo*ng (1) Tu*. vie^ t thu* hoa(.c du`ng ta.m ma^~u thu* duo* i dda^y, (2) Xin nho* KY TE^N o*? CUO^ I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2002
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      Thu*a qu'y ddo^`ng huo*ng,

      Ki’nh mo*`i qu'y ddo^`ng huo*ng (1) Tu*. vie^'t thu* hoa(.c du`ng ta.m ma^~u thu* duo*'i dda^y, (2) Xin nho*' KY' TE^N o*? CUO^'I THU* va` (3) Ddie^`n ho. te^n va` ddi.a chi? va`o ma^~u ddo*n duoi dday (PHA^`N NOMINATED BY: ) va` mau cho'ng gu*?i ve^` ddi.a chi? email:


      TRUO*'C NGA`Y 30 THA'NG 11, NA(M 2002

      dde^? dde^` cu*? LM Thaddeus Nguye^~n Va(n Ly' cho gia?i (grant) Hellman/Hammett cu?a Human Rights Watch na(m 2003.

      Kinh xin ddong bao vui long bot chut thi gio ho tro cho mot Linh Muc Chie^’n Hu*~u xung ki’ch tren mat tran ton giao dda bo het cuoc ddoi ddau tranh cho tu do (ton giao) va dan chu tren que huong yeu dau cua chung ta. Su giup ddo cua quy ddong huong la mot khich le lo*'n lao va chac chan se lam a^'m lo`ng vi Linh Muc kha? ki’nh ddang phai chiu ddung mo.i nhu.c hi`nh cu?a bo.n ca^`m quye^`n da~ man, vo^ dda.o CSVN. Tha`nh ki’nh tri a^n qu’y ddo^`ng huo*ng.

      Ki’nh thu*,

      Vie^.t Si~


      November 1st, 02

      M(r)s Marcia Allina

      Human Rights Watch

      350 Fifth Avenue, 34th Floor

      New York, New York 10118-3299

      Re: Nominating Roman Catholic Priest Thaddeus NGUYEN VAN LY for the Hellman/Hammett Grants.

      Dear M(r)s Allina:

      We are extremely proud to send you the application to apply for the Hellman/Hammett Grants for one of our best nominees, Father Thaddeus NGUYEN VAN LY. Father Ly is one of our most distinguished religious leader who has spent all of his Priesthood of almost 30 years to peacefully and tirelessly call for (religious) freedom, democracy, basic human rights and religious rights in Vietnam. He is currently serving his 20 years of jail sentence in Vietnam.

      We sincerely wish your critical process of consideration would qualify him for these honorable and outstanding grants. Your kind evaluation is absolutely appreciated.







      Nomination Form for

      Hellman/Hammett Grants


      Human Rights Watch distributes funds from Lillian Hellman's estate to writers of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, anywhere in the world, who are in financial need due to political persecution.

      Eight distinguished authors and editors form a selection committee to choose the Hellman/Hammett grant recipients. Nominations for 2003 grants are requested by December 2, 2002.

      To the degree that this information is available, we request: 1) biographical information about the nominee; 2) a list of the nominees' published writings; 3) a statement about the political persecution suffered by the nominee and how these experiences relate to his or her writing; 4) a statement about financial need. If the nominator cannot provide all this information, please indicate sources from which it may be obtained. You may attach additional information if it cannot be accommodated by this form.

      Nominations should be sent to Marcia Allina, Human Rights Watch, 350 Fifth Avenue 34th floor, New York, NY 10118-3299. E-mail: <allinam@...>


      Name of nominee

      : Roman Catholic Reverend Thaddeus NGUYEN VAN LY


      : He has been sentenced 15 years in solitary jail cell plus 5 years of home detention

      on October 19th, 2001 by Vietnamese Communist authorities

      . He is currently jailed in North Vietnam.


      : None Fax: None


      : None


      Nominated by





      : Fax:



      Provide basic biographical information about the nominee


      Father Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly, a Catholic Priest from the diocese of Hue in central Viet Nam was arrested on 17 May 2001, and is still detained. Amnesty International believes Father Ly is a prisoner of conscience, held solely for the peaceful expression of his dissenting political and religious beliefs, and is calling for his immediate and unconditional release.

      This is the third time that Father Ly has been arrested. He was previously held without trial in 1977-78, and then sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment in 1983, again on account of his peaceful dissenting views.

      While restrictions on freedom of expression and religious worship have eased in Viet Nam in recent years, individuals whose conscience dictates that they should follow beliefs other than those preached in

      state-approved churches, can still find themselves in detention. The Vietnamese authorities take a harsh view of dissent, and people from different faiths, including Buddhists, Catholics and Protestants, are currently detained for their beliefs.


      This report summarizes a 14-page document (5007 words), : SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIET NAM Father Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly - Prisoner of Conscience (AI Index: ASA 41/005/2001) issued by Amnesty International in July 2001. Anyone wishing further details or to take action on this issue should consult the full document. An extensive range of our materials on this and other subjects is available at http://www.amnesty.org and Amnesty International news releases can be received by email: http://www.web.amnesty.org/web/news.nsf/thisweek?openview


      Father Thaddeus Ly has been an outspoken, tireless activist for (religious) freedom and democracy in Vietnam. Currently, due to severely inhuman and isolated condition in jail without sufficient food and medication supplies his physical and mental health has been significantly deteriorating.


      Describe the nominee's writing activities

      : Please refer attached documents. Basically, his published writings include:

      1. Testimony to the US Congress about the religious persecution in Vietnam (2/13/01) (attached)
      2. 10-point Declaration about the religious persecution in Vietnam in 1994 (attached).
      3. The State of Vietnamese Catholic Church (11/24/94) (attached).
      4. Appeal in Late 2000 (We need True Freedom of Religion in Vietnam) (attached).
      5. Statement on the Communist Policy on Religion in Vietnam (12/27/00) (attached).
      6. Stop Religious Repression in Vietnam (11/1/01) (attached).
      7. Appeal number 3 to the Vietnamese Communist government (attached).
      8. Second Testimony (attached).
      9. Nine open statements calling for (religious) freedom and democracy in Vietnam.
      10. The Truth of the death of Archbishop Nguyen Kim Dien (The Vietnamese Communist Party poisoned and killed Archbishop Nguyen Kim Dien, a leading advocate for religious freedom in Vietnam).
      11. Father Nguyen Van Ly’s other works (Will be sent to you when these works are identified and located) .


      List books by the nominee or publications in which his or her writing has appeared:

      Please refer above.



      List any awards or recognition given for the nominee's writing and/or activities for Catholic and Churches of other faith in Vietnam


      1. Nominee For Nobel Prize in 2002.
      2. Listed as Prisoner Of Conscience by Amnesty International.
      3. Pastor of Nguyet Bieu Catholic Parish.
      4. Pastor of An Truyen Catholic Parish.
      5. Computer Science Instructor at Nguyet Bieu and An Truyen parishes.
      6. Former Secretary General to Archbishop Nguyen Kim Dien of Hue archdiocese in Vietnam.


      Describe the political persecution to which the nominee was subjected


      • He was jailed several times for total of over 11 years in horrible prisons in Vietnam by the Vietnamese Communist authorities for his religious viewpoints, which called for religious freedom and the separation between Churches and State in Vietnam. He denounced the Communist government’s sophisticated totalitarian controls on all activities of the Vietnamese Catholic Church and Churches of other faith. These government controls cover all aspects of the internal administration of the Catholic Church such as the process of selection, admittance and training for Church’s students, the appointment and transfer of Church's officials and staff, the governmental unlawful confiscation of the Churches' properties such as land, schools, seminaries, social services institutions, etc.

      Basically, Father Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly has called for:

      • True religious freedom and democracy in Vietnam.

      • Stopping all governmental intervention in the internal administration of Churches of all Faith.

      • Immediate returning of all Catholic Church’s properties which have been unlawfully confiscated by the government.

      • Guaranteeing the basic human and religious rights for the Vietnamese people as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has provided in which the Vietnamese Communist government was an official signatory.

      • Abolishing Communism and reconstructing a real Vietnamese society, which will be built on honesty, trust and love. He clearly confirmed he did not mean to call for an overthrow of the current government and will play no political roles at all time.
      • Etc.

      - During 11 years of serving his first and second jail time he became very popular due to his true love and open-hearted dedication to help other sick or hopeless inmates around him. Many inmates paid absolute respect to him and converted to Catholic. Many jail officials secretly expressed much respect to him.

      - Learning bitter experience from the past, on October 19th, 2001 the Communist government has sentenced him 15 years in solitary confinement plus 5 years of home detention after a quick-and-dirty trial without public audience, defense attorneys and witnesses. When he finishes his sentence, he will be more than 75 years old. This time, in an attempt to shatter his popularity, the Communist authorities have strictly isolated him from other people. Father Ly has been permanently jailed in a single small cell with absolutely no contacts with other people. Food and medication supplies to him are severely limited. For 1 year in jail this time, his sister was allowed to visit him only 3 times.

      - In order to magnify the punishments on Father Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly, the authorities also have arrested and jailed his 2 blood nephews, Nguyen Truc Cuong, Nguyen Vu Viet who are about 20s something and his newly-converted Catholic Hoang Trong Dung, 21 years old. These first two poor young adults have been in jails for over a year now. Dung has been in jail for less than a year. All three dedicated young men have never been tried by independent judicial courts.

      - We, on behalf of his supporters around the world, inside and outside Vietnam, have been gravely concerned about Father Nguyen Van Ly’s physical and mental health conditions which have been severely deteriorating lately.


      Describe the nominee's financial need


      He is considered as a "dangerous political prisoner" who jeopardizes the "unification of Vietnamese people" and threatens the stability of the Vietnamese Communist government. Financial supports from relatives, friends and Hue archdiocese where he served are absolutely prohibited by the authorities. Food and medication supplies to him are strictly limited beyond human imagination. He is not allowed to contact or talk with any other inmates, relatives, jail officers and any other people. The cruel Viet Cong authorities plan to kill him by isolating him to death. He was "convicted" in an uncivilized trial, which lasted less than 2 hours without defense attorneys or witnesses. No public audience was permitted to attend. Absolutely his conviction and severe sentence were artificial and ready-made by the non-elected and cruel Vietnamese Communist government.

      Hellman/Hammett Emergency Grant Application

      (This page is to be completed by applicants for emergency grants only.)

      Applicant cannot be contacted due to the prohibition of the Vietnamese Communist government.


      Describe nominee's circumstances and why an emergency grant is necessary


      As a Priest he has no income or properties. His elderly sister cannot afford to help him financially. She is not permitted to make frequent visits to provide him with food and medication supplies. Helps from his parishioners and other supporters around the world are also prohibited. He needs financial and spiritual supports from people and organizations around the world who value true (religious) freedom and democracy.


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