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Request help to release Attorney Bui Kim Thanh in Saigon immediately without conditions (attached petition with her picture)

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  • Viet Si
    July 1st, 2008   The Honorable Brian C. Aggeler Political Counselor to the United States Ambassador to Vietnam Hanoi, Vietnam Re: Repeated arrest of Attorney
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2008

      July 1st, 2008


      The Honorable Brian C. Aggeler

      Political Counselor to the United States Ambassador to Vietnam

      Hanoi, Vietnam

      Re: Repeated arrest of Attorney Bui Kim Thanh in Saigon (her picture enclosed).


      At 8am, July 1st, 08 Attorney Bui Kim Thanh from Saigon, Vietnam has desperately broadcast her plea for help that her family and herself were being encircled by more than 20 armed police with several police vans around her house to arrest and forced her back to Bien Hoa Mental Hospital in City of Bien Hoa, Dong Nai province, against her will. In fact, she has been recently released from that same hospital only a couple of weeks ago after Vietnam authorities have been under tremendous pressure from international communities to release her. Vietnam authorities have never been able to scientifically prove Bui has mental problems but they have repeatedly imprisoned her in Bien Hoa unpopular mental hospital among many other dangerous mental patients.

      This morning, her husband, Ha Si Quyen, did not ask Bui to comply with the police arrest as he did last times. In her previous arrest on May 3, 08 her pregnant daughter-in-law was witnessing the violent incident and has resulted in her awful miscarriage. Today, this daughter-in-law has been so outraged and insisted, “Mother, I will go with you wherever police force you to go. I cannot put up with such police‘s  horrified abuses that you have been literally physically and mentally destructed by these heartless police through repeated detentions without basic hygienic protection for you in those hospital wards“.  

      While Bui was taking her bath the police forced in her home, handcuffed her and led her away without letting her putting on any attire to cover her almost naked body or taking along with her any personal belongings as a jail person. In such a threatening situation, Bui sharply demanded an arrest warrant signed by Nguyen Van Huong (Deputy Minister of Public Safety Department) or Nguyen Hong Anh (Minister of Public Safety Department).

      We vehemently request your prompt humanitarian intervention to release Bui as soon as possible. She is our outspoken DA^N OAN, representing for millions of other DA^N OAN across Vietnam .She is also one of our prominent activists who has all rights to demand democracy and human rights for mistreated and enslaved majority of Vietnamese people who have been under poverty for decades under the Communists’ iron hands in Vietnam. She has more than enough courage to challenge such a giant systematic machinery of dictatorship, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam that has governed Vietnam mostly by laws of the jungle and word of mouth.

      May God always protect you and your loved ones in your noble mission to help voice up legitimate rights of voiceless and rightless people like Mrs. Bui Kim Thanh, Attorney-At-Law. Your generous help is immensely grateful.


      Respectfully yours,


      Viet Si

      Dedicated Activist for proven Freedom, Democracy & Human Rights in Vietnam

      Former Political Prisoner in the Communist Vietnam

      San Jose, California , USA


      Cc: Respected political, religious & media leaders in the free world

      Source of information: Novelist Tran Khai Thanh Thuy and other activists in Vietnam


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