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Re: garage door

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  • Thuan Do
    hahaha ... tếu quá ! Do Thi Thuan http://biendongnama.tk/http://anhduong.net http://hoangvan.net http://anhduong.net/HoaSi/HoangVan/ ____________________
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      hahaha ... tếu quá !

      Do Thi Thuan
      Mot nguoi vo toi nhu nha bao Dieu Cay bi mat tu do
      Tuc la moi nguoi dan Viet deu khong co tu do
      Nha bao Dieu Cay da bi mang di dau?
      Hay tra tu do cho Dieu Cay!

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      Are you fed up with looking daily at your garage door?

      Just stick a new decal on your door! You should see the looks on the faces of your neighbours .....!


      And with so much attention from drive-by, yours would be the safest house in the entire neighborhood.  No thief or burglar would dare ...


      - tnd2  




      Make an impression on your neighbors !

        German company " Style your Garage " makes posters for your garage

        vary from $199 to $399 for a double door! Everything included!   














      And finally..








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