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TR new CD (tentative)track listing & NEWS

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  • Fluffy Centner
    Hello Everyone, First let me apologize to all of you who in a moment will be calling me that rat-bastard FLUFFY! There has been alot of talk of a tour of the
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      Hello Everyone, First let me apologize to all of you who in a moment
      will be calling me "that rat-bastard FLUFFY!" There has been alot of
      talk of a tour of the West Coast being next on the agenda. Well,
      believe it or not, it is still on the agenda despite the
      announcements I am about to make. TR still wants to do a West Coast
      run very badly and it will happen, just not sure when. PROBABLY(in
      capital letters) August. Sorry to keep you guys hanging on. Remember,
      I am just the messenger(and you know what they say about the
      messenger), not the booking agent. I just announce what they tell me
      and go where they send me. LOL and "they" keep telling me the west
      coast is coming. So now with that said, on to the announcements:

      There will probably be about 2 weeks of shows around the 9/11
      Oneonta, NY show. These will be predominantly East Coast/NE shows but
      Tom is still nailing down dates so anything is possible. August is
      the goal for the West Coast. We will see how TR's schedule shapes up
      for the rest of the year. The newest show to TR's schedule is as

      ENGAGEMENT DATE: 10/1/2004
      ARTIST: Tim Reynolds
      VENUE: Northern Arizona University
      Prochnow Auditorium
      Northern Arizona University
      Flagstaff, AZ 86011
      PHONE: 928-523-5638
      CAPACITY: 750
      TICKET PRICE: $18 students; $23 public
      DOORS: 6:30pm (tentative, may change)
      AGES: All
      PERF LENGTH: 1 (90 min) set + encore
      PERF. TIME: 7:30pm (tentative, may change)
      OTHER INFO: www.nau.edu/sun

      There should be some other shows around this one in the SW. More to
      be announced as I have details. For a complete list of confirmed TouR
      dates, check out the TouR dates page at TimReynolds.com

      Tim will be appearing at the Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester, TN(near
      Friday June 11th 2004 8:30pm-12.00am
      with Dave Matthews & Friends
      This IS NOT a solo TR perfomance(obviously). He will be perfoming
      WITH Dave & friends.

      TR is hard at work RECORDING & finishing up his new CD and hopes to
      have it out in the Fall. He still has a few things to tidy up and
      then master so no date for release is available yet. He did provide
      me with a POSSIBLE track listing to post for you guys. This is
      not "etched in stone" and it may or may not change before it's
      release, but here is what he is thinking at this point:

      CD 1
      1. From This World
      2. Dreaming
      3. Industrial Complex
      4. Torch of Uncertaintity
      5. Alpha
      6. Uncover the Reason
      7. Indoctrinate ( acoustic )
      8. Face Off
      9. Tribulation
      10. This is How Much I Love You
      CD 2
      1. Mercury Direct
      2. In Flames Beside My Brain
      3. Alienation
      4. Plastic Man
      5. Angel With a Broken Wing
      6. Jupiters' Wounded Soul
      7. The Sky Is Calling
      8. Sometime Love Sighs
      9. Orb
      10. You Don't Know What I'm Gonna Do To You

      On the Soko front, there is no new news on the impending OFFERING
      release but I did hear that TR added a track to the new Soko release
      which is now almost finished. TR played on the centerpiece track of
      Soko's new CD. It is a 16 minute opus featuring TR. Mike says he will
      be in the studio tomorrow mixing the track with TR on it which is the
      last track to be mixed. So we can be watching for that soon as well.

      I am leaving DC on another 1 month odyssey that will take me to South
      Dakota, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, back to Santa Fe, NM for a week or so
      and then off to Buffalo, NY for the TR show at The Tralf on 6/23.
      Here is the link for more info on the next TR show:


      Hope everyone had a great memorial day and I will see you back here
      at the beginning of July or sooner if you are on my path of travel.
      Keep in mind, I will be updating from the road as circumstances

      PEACE & KEEP the FAITH
      Fluffy Hays Centner
      TR Productions
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