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Re: Ben Edmonds

sorry to hear this ...I had emailed Ben several times last year and he was fighting hard ....God be with his family and friends  Eric Apoe On Saturday, March
Eric Apoe
Mar 14, 2016

Re: Ben Edmonds

i thought you lived in scotland ?????
Susan Hardin
Mar 12, 2016

Re: Ben Edmonds

Brian, Got the call from Nancy Edmonds yesterday,too sad for words now….just trying to put my thoughts together..complicated by my return home from
Susan Hardin
Mar 12, 2016

Re: Ben Edmonds

Thanks for your contributions, Ben and may you rest in peace.
Mar 12, 2016

Re: Ben Edmonds

Sad to hear, he lived not too far from me in Detroit. I had emailed back and forth with him a few times, and gave him some recordings of Tim H. and David Blue
Mar 11, 2016

Ben Edmonds

Sad news, and just this morning I sent an email asking about the book and wishing him well on his health issues. Must have been something in the air. Music
Mar 11, 2016

Re: You've received a message on Indiegogo

Hello All, Please remember that Chris, is the Author of the script called "Black Sheep Boy”, about Tim…… This other film is set to go this Summer, and
Susan Hardin
Feb 22, 2016

Semi offical Live release

Boston 1963 Long circulated among collectors - this early set gets a commercial release. Awful cover though. In Session 1963,WTBS-FM, Boston, MA
Nov 13, 2015

R: [TimHardin] Re: Thanks + photo

Adrie Hello, I try to send you back some pictures of Tim and Damion.Hello Paul ... Da: TimHardin@yahoogroups.com Data: 9-set-2015 17.35 A:
Sep 9, 2015

Re: Thanks + photo

Hi Paul, Welcome aboard. I am so glad you finally managed to subscribe. I couldn't find the picture you said you posted. Please try again and upload it to the
Sep 9, 2015

Thanks + photo

Thanks for giving me a chance 'to be part of your site fan of Tim Hardin. Allow me to send you some pictures of Tim, I hope that is what pleased, Greetings
paolo tocchini
Sep 8, 2015

TIM HARDIN Number 1 in UK!

TIM HARDIN - Number 1 - in UK! Uncut’s 50 best singer-songwriter albums - Uncut http://www.uncut.co.uk/features/uncuts-50-best-singer-songwriter-albums-68925
Aug 4, 2015

Re: Susan

Susan, good to hear from you .....I was thinking of you about a month ago ....seems to be the story everywhere I turn now ....we are all getting a bit older
Eric Apoe
Jun 30, 2015

Re: Susan

Hello Everyone, I am doing just fine and working my old bones the best I can to achieve the vision I have for my property. I just turned 73 and all things
Susan Hardin
Jun 30, 2015

News from Susan

Susan is having trouble posting here, so she asked me to copy this and share it. Hello Everyone, I am doing just fine and working my old bones the best I can
Jun 30, 2015
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