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Tikvah is now in Petaluma, Calif

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  • Cyndi Norman
    Hello, welcome to Tikvah News. This is our first message. It took a while to get things set up but I think I ve got most people added alright. My partner and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2003
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      Hello, welcome to Tikvah News. This is our first message. It took a while
      to get things set up but I think I've got most people added alright.

      My partner and I moved from Oakland to Petaluma in January. We have a
      great property up here in the country. A bit of land (3/4 acre), 2 homes
      (one which is rented out), and a barn which we'll be renovating into a soap
      kitchen and office.

      I'm in the process of applying for organic certification. Since I'm
      applying for the manufacturing part already, I will try to add some garden
      space too so I can grow some of the ingredients for Tikvah's products and
      even have a small farm stand (with soap of course) if I wish (we're zoned
      for it). I have no idea how long it will take but CCOF estimates 1-4
      months, depending on paperwork.

      Many of you may have seen that Tikvah was closed during the move. I still
      don't have my production going again, and I'm missing some inventory, but
      my office (temporarily in the house) is unpacked.

      We're reopening now for anything that we have in stock. This includes
      castile and calendula bar soap, most Organic Essentials products, organic
      cotton bedding, and respirators (still need some filters for the half face
      masks). We'll be ordering inventory too and the plan is to start making
      soap again in a few weeks. No shampoo or liquid hand soap yet until I get
      the packaging kinks worked out (though if you're local you can bring a
      container over to be filled).

      I'd also like to announce a new staff member. Welcome to Felicia Chavez,
      Tikvah's office manager.

      The next few months will be busy but we're hoping to have the barn together
      by the end of summer and production going full force. We should have
      enough production (we hope) for smaller wholesale orders in a couple of

      Of course we'll interupt it all in mid-May for the Organic Trade
      Association Conference in Austin Texas. No Tikvah booth this year but
      Connie Barker will be having one for the Environmental Health Network
      again. I hope to see some of you there!

      I'll be bringing you more updates and information later on. If you find
      yourself on this list by accident (I added people who signed up for the
      newsletter at the Tikvah booth at the OTA Trade Show last year) and don't
      want to stay, just follow the unsubscribe directions or write me at

      Here's our new contact information:

      735 Gossage Avenue
      Petaluma, CA 94952
      707-775-4475 (voice; call first for fax)

      Take care,
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