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Extension - Tier 1 PBS Dependent route

Hi Team, Need your help again. Please can you provide your expertise. Can you share list of documents to submit for extension of Tier 1 PBS dependent visa.
May 15

Re: <TierOne> tier 1 category dependent visa

On a side note. Once you are a British citizen the spouse only needs to do a total of 3 years in the UK and she qualifies fo ILR. On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 2:31
May 13

Re: tier 1 category dependent visa

thanks Farhath..  On Tuesday, 12 May 2015 5:32 PM, "Farhath Yar Khan farhath99@... [TierOne]" wrote:   Hi Venkat, Please
venky pinky
May 13

Re: <TierOne> Please Help - Is schengen visa required for BRP card h

She needs a visa, as she still on indian passport, the rules of French immigration for indian citizens apply. i.e... she needs to obtain a schengen visti visa
Imtiyaz Jatu
May 13

Re: <TierOne> ILR changes

if at all if there is some will be fee increase now itself its around£ 2000 by post On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 9:37 AM, Rizwan Khan rizwankhanNED@... ...
tony thomas
May 13

Re: <TierOne> Reg clarifications on FLR(M)

Hi Suga, On a different note; If your wife extending her stay then it is a good option to make extension as a Tier 1 Dependent and not as FLR (M). The reason
Mithun Sortur
May 13

Re: <TierOne> ILR changes

Don't think there will be any. The changes could only take place just for the work visas as settlement is not comething they would want to touch! On Wed, May
May 13

ILR changes

Hi, My ILR is due next year in June (2016). As conservatives are back in power now can anybody speculate the changes we may expect in 2016. Thanks in advance
Rizwan Khan
May 13

Re: ILR Dependant work related documents

Hello, yes it should be fine, as you will get P45 not P60 if you leave a company. From: "pshanth143 pshanth143@... [TierOne]"
Rahul Khanna
May 12

Re: tier 1 category dependent visa

Hi Venkat, Please note that you'd have to pay £200 per applicant per year as NHS Surcharge. For example, if Main Applicant visa is valid for 3 yrs then
Farhath Yar Khan
May 12

Reg clarifications on FLR(M)

Hi guys, I'm a naturalized british citizen(Got the approval and have the ceremony in 2 weeks where i will receive the naturalization certificate). For applying
May 12

Re: ILR form queries - v04/2015

Hi,Apologies for asking again.Might be i am asking many questions in one email On Wednesday, May 6, 2015 8:30 PM, "TierOne ILR tierone_ilr@... [TierOne]"
TierOne ILR
May 12

tier 1 category dependent visa

HI friends, I am looking for inputs on Tier1 dependent visa process. can some one point me to the correct URLs and the process. Thanks,Venkat.
venky pinky
May 10

Re: ILR Dependant work related documents

Hi friend Thanks for the details..  I just want to check one more query, can I show P45 for 2014 to 2015 financial year, if  I don't have P60 ?  Thanks &
May 10

Re: ILR form queries - v04/2015

Hi seniors,Can any one answer for these queries plz? On Tuesday, May 5, 2015 12:39 PM, "TierOne ILR tierone_ilr@... [TierOne]"
TierOne ILR
May 10
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