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Call for participants for the Enter! Youth Meeting (Strassbourg)

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  • Anca Dudau
    Pentru detalii, va rog sa contactati direct persoana de contact: Jackie Lubelli at jackie.lubelli@coe.int ... From: IFHOHYP mailing
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2011
      Pentru detalii, va rog sa contactati direct persoana de contact: Jackie Lubelli at jackie.lubelli@...

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      Subject: Call for participants for the Enter! Youth Meeting

      Dear friends,

      See below the call for participants for the Enter! Youth Meeting.

      We are pleased to inform you that we are launching a call for participants for the

      Enter! Youth Meeting 

      which will take place at the

      European Youth Centre in Strasbourg from 14-18 September 2011 (arrival and departure dates).

      Please forward this call to to the youth members within your network.

      Please note however

      This call is open to applicants from the following countries only:

      Andorra, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Georgia, Hungary, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine

      All interested applicants should apply on-line, completing the application form through this link: http://youthapplications.coe.int/ .

      Further information about the Meeting can be found in the attached document, which is also uploaded on the platform.

      <<E!YM presentation ENG.pdf>>

      The deadline for receipt of applications is the 4th July 2011.

      In order to participate in the Meeting you need to apply as an organisation. You should provide the details of a youth worker (who will assist and accompany young people) in Section 1 of this application, the details of the organisation in Section 2, and the details of 2 young people from your organisation in Section 3. Section 4 requires you to answer a few questions regarding your experience and motivation to participate in the Meeting.

      Most of the young participants should have the following profile:

      - be preferably aged 16 to 20

      - have been a participant, volunteer or peer educator/leader in a youth project addressing the issues of violence, exclusion and/or discrimination in disadvantaged neighbourhoods

      - are directly concerned by the issues of violence, exclusion or discrimination in their neighbourhood

      - preferably speak some English or French (this is not a must, however a youth worker should be able to easily communicate in either of these languages).

      You may also think about proposing 1 person in the reserve list in case some of the participants you propose drop out for different reasons. There is a place in the application to provide the details of a person to be put on reserve list.

      Your application will be evaluated by the Council of Europe Secretariat and you will be informed if you have been selected or not shortly after the deadline for applications.

      For any questions regarding the applications or problems in accessing the platform, please contact Jackie Lubelli at jackie.lubelli@...

      IFHOHYP Secretary
      Carlos Muncharaz

      Website: www.ifhohyp.org

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