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Re: New Poll - Comments To Suggested Things To Come

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  • third_realm_guardian
    Hidy hidy, You had the option to post our own thoughts, but asked us not to respond to that particular thread, so I started one. o.O If I did bad, lemmie
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2008
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      Hidy hidy,

      You had the option to post our own thoughts, but asked us not to
      respond to that particular thread, so I started one. o.O If I did
      bad, lemmie know... (Paladeus from FF.net.)

      Regarding Snape, I've seen him done in several methods. What I
      haven't really seen much of is him being as evil as the haters and
      bashers make him out to be, but as strongly against Voldemort as the
      Snape lovers portray him as. In other words, I'd like to see him
      written as a complete bastard who is out for himself. He won't be a
      good guy, but he also doesn't want to follow someone like Voldemort.
      You didn't really have an option like this.

      However... if he were to have a good death scene, perhaps saving
      Harry's life or something by jumping into the path of a spell while
      yelling at his own stupidity in his head the entire time would be funny

      To make a story truly stick out, it can't have a fully happy ending.
      Not everyone can live and not everything ends happily. While I say
      this, it comes to mind you may kill Harry or one of his love
      interests... Should you be thinking of this... I'm not mentioning it.
      However, if you're thinking of someone else, I don't see a problem
      with it. I would be sad to see Harry's potential family break, but
      still. And since you didn't bring Flitwick, I have no clue what
      you'll be doing with him now.

      The only other thing of YOUR ideas I am going to mention are Ron and
      Lemons/Smut. If you want to try and find a middle ground with Ron,
      you could consider having him as a good guy and such, but have his
      attitude split him and Harry/Hermione/Luna apart on good terms. Let
      them be friends and maybe even have him happy to not be so close to
      Harry and pulled into the life or death situations. In Canon, he
      drifted away, or just simply shoved Harry away, whenever things didn't
      go how he wanted them to, particularly when big things happened. He
      really cares about food, Quidditch and girls. Let him have what he
      wants. Food from Hogwarts, his mother or whatever girl he gains a
      romantic interest in, play Quidditch while he can and if you go with
      Lavender, they could do the naughty thing, maybe accidentally getting
      pregnant and forcing him to be okay with H/Hr/L or something. Or you
      could turn him gay... Maybe a botched attempt at a love potion he
      planned to give Hermione or something for the "first person you see"
      affect and he could chase after Draco... Or Snape... Or Dumbledore...

      Lemons/Smut. If you don't want to write it, you don't have to. If
      you don't mind it, are willing to post it and take submissions, you
      could always offer a challenge or something and post them as "omakes"
      or add-ons to each chapter regarding a scene from a chapter you most
      recently published. Let others write it. They can be submitted here
      for anyone who wants to write them and you can pick and choose or
      offer it as a second story - "Diary of our Sexcapades - By Luna
      Lovegood" or something.

      Actually - If they're only posted here, you would probably end up with
      a tonne of added members as soon as they found out about the smut. It
      worked for others.

      I'll admit that I would like to read some decent H/Hr/L lemons. There
      are very few stories for this coupling and it would be nice (which is
      why I started my second HP fic - A primary focus is lemons.) If you
      have 'em, I'd read them.

      As for personal scene ideas rather than ones you questioned about

      I'd be interested in seeing the dueling club, or the DA, reformed
      again. Now that it is public that Voldemort is back, they should be
      able to get away with being able to say it's for school defense should
      he or any followers come about.

      Dreams - I would actually like to see dreams regarding the H/Hr/L
      coupling. By this, I mean something somewhat like omakes, but story
      and plot related. Hermione could be dreaming about Luna and Harry
      getting married and when the call comes for objections, she could
      voice hers, only to have Luna call her silly and tell her she's
      supposed to be standing on his other side as it is (good for
      foreshadowing if you think it's leaning that way strongly.) Or Luna
      can dream about Harry riding on the back of a white Crumple-horned
      Snorkack instead of a white horse like a knight and offer her pudding.
      Harry can dream about the two girls talking in the library with him
      as lost as he would normally be *shrugs* Whatever you could think of.
      Or you could add that as another facet of the thing I mentioned above
      for the lemons to be added in. It could just be a dream journal, with
      the lemons being some of those dreams, letting them be anywhere or in
      any environment, really.

      The dreams don't have to be just them, either. It could be anyone, or
      an odd ability where someone can "dream walk" or something. Maybe let
      them talk to others that way. Or the dreams can be therapeutic since
      there are always stories (real life) where people speak with dead
      loved ones in their dreams to get some kind of closure and such.

      Maybe you could let Moody get really bored one day, waiting for his
      chance with Harry to train him up and let him start playing with
      puppets. But something Moody-like for the puppets. Maybe
      Puppet-Moody is catching Puppet-Lestrange or something.

      Realistically, the dreams thing, Snape, Ron and the suggestion for the
      lemons was really all I wrote this for. I can't remember my other
      suggestion for what could be seen in the future...

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