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The Trouble with Horcruxes

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  • Brian64
    Hey all, Wow, I can t believe it s been so long since I posted as much as a message here. Sadly, if I hadn t been notified of someone trying to post some
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 25, 2010
      Hey all,

      Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I posted as much as a message here. Sadly, if I hadn't been notified of someone trying to post some Twilight spam, it probably would be even longer. Sorry...

      Anyway, it occurs to me that I do have a short plot bunny I can share, though anyone that has alerts for "Brian's Bits" will no doubt have already read it.

      For those that haven't, here is a little something I put together after a discussion about Horcruxes on another group not all that long ago..



      . . .

      The Trouble with Horcruxes
      By Brian64

      Harry sat in his room at Privet Drive, and stared at the letter he'd just read. The Dark Mark that writhed at the top of the parchment authenticated the author as far as he was concerned, but the contents... The contents he found hard to believe, yet...

      Shaking his head, he decided to read it again.

      Dear Harry,

      Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

      I imagine you are almost as surprised to be reading this letter as I was when I realised that I had to have to write it. I'm sure that it would come as no surprise to you if I said that I'd rather be cursing you instead. How much more surprising then, that I am asking for your help – help which I know you will gladly agree to give me once you've finished reading this letter.

      During my attempt to possess you last month during that unfortunate Ministry battle, I was left with many of your memories. Memories, which I readily confess I've been working my way through looking for weaknesses. My, my, you have had an interesting Hogwarts experience, haven't you? But I'm digressing, so we'll get back to that later.

      The point is, your adventure in the Chamber of Secrets should never have happened. That diary was never intended to do what it did, and therein lays the problem.

      But it's not just a problem for me; it's a problem for you as well. In fact, I'd say that it's a problem for the entire world.

      Tell me, Harry, if the Wizarding world thinks one Lord Voldemort is bad enough, what do you think of having two of us around?

      You see, that diary contained a piece of my soul, and it was only supposed to anchor me to the earth to prevent me from truly dying. It was never meant to try finding a body of its own!

      Ah, Harry, I can imagine what you are thinking now: "But if the diary is destroyed, then what is the problem?" Am I right?

      The problem is that the diary wasn't the only Horcrux I created. Now just imagine what would happen if my other Horcruxes were able to find their own bodies as my diary almost managed to do?

      I have imagined it. Quite frankly, I have no intention of sharing power with anyone, including any other versions of me. Doubtless my other self, or selves, would feel exactly the same way, and we would recognise each other as the greatest challenge to our rule. Can you imagine the destruction we would cause fighting ourselves? Well, while I'm sure you may smile at the idea, the reality is that while we would almost certainly thin out the number of Death Eaters, most of our cannon fodder would be regular people under the Imperius curse.

      Now that you have the background, pay attention, Harry, because I have a task for you.

      Yes, I'm sure you would rather not do anything to help me, but in this case you are helping yourself and everyone else. As for why I'm asking you instead of Dumbledore, who says I'm not asking him as well?

      Well, as it happens, I'm not. That senile old meddler would probably try to redeem the souls in the Horcruxes if he could, rather than destroy them, and I'm not prepared to take the chance of that happening.

      You may also be wondering why I don't ask my own people to find them. The simple answer is that they may try to activate the Horcruxes themselves. I know you have no interest in trying to resurrect a Dark Lord, however due to the dark mark on their arms, my people may find themselves almost compelled to do so if a recovered Horcrux begins to awaken before they can get it back to me.

      So here is your new quest – the search for my Horcruxes.

      There is a Horcrux in Hufflepuff's cup, which should be stored in the LeStrange vault in Gringotts. Even if I did trust them to destroy it, as escaped prisoners, none of the LeStranges can just wander in and retrieve it, now can they? Oh, do be careful of the curses on the vault's contents, won't you?

      There is another Horcrux in Slytherin's ring, which used to be hidden in my mother's old house – the Gaunt shack in Little Hangleton. I suspect Dumbledore may have found it, and he is probably trying to work out how to remove the Horcrux without destroying the ring itself. He's wasting his time. There isn't a way. Knowing how stubborn the old fool is, I suspect it will probably take him a year or two to come to that conclusion. Do I need to tell you to avoid the compulsion to wear the ring? To do so would prove fatal.

      There is another in Slytherin's locket, however when I went to retrieve it I found a fake locket in its place. The note inside says that the original was stolen by Regulus Black, so I suggest you start your search at his old house. Sirius died without any children and as his godson you are quite likely his heir. If so, then you should be able to summon his elf and order the disgusting creature to find the locket for you.

      The last, and one of the easiest Horcruxes for you to find, is Ravenclaw's diadem. It is hidden inside the room of requirements at Hogwarts, and you will need to think of a place to hide a Horcrux when you call for the room. Finding the diadem amongst all of the junk may be a little harder, but if you can summon a broom several miles, or should I say, kilometres now, to outfly a dragon, then I doubt you'll have any problem simply summoning the diadem.

      Since you've already destroyed the diary, and I've, regretfully, now destroyed Nagini, destroying these four Horcruxes should take care of our mutual problem. Once they're gone we can go back to trying to kill each other if you want. Or should I say, you can go back to trying, and I'll simply kill you when you do.

      Perhaps I should make myself clearer, since I doubt you picked up the subtlety of my last comment. Destroy these Horcruxes, and I will grant you, and some of your friends, a degree of immunity. If you - and they of course - do nothing to oppose me, then I will see that you (and they) are left alone.

      This offer is valid only as long as you destroy at least one Horcrux, and then send it to me as proof. If I do manage to get to them all first, then the deal is off.

      Feel free to discuss this with anyone you like, including the great manipulator, but heed this warning. Do you really believe he is on your side? Consider your life so far, Harry, and ask yourself why you have had to go through so much? Oh yes, I did start it by killing your parents, but the Dursleys, and most of the other things you've needed to endure have been caused by Dumbledore. You don't need to take my word for it, simply look back over the events, as I did, and see it for yourself.

      Do try to avoid getting killed on the quest. You can't complete it if you are dead. So for now, I suggest you avoid any of my Death Eaters, as I have ordered them to avoid you – for now. Remember not to use any Horcruxes you find. Drinking from the cup, or wearing the ring, locket or diadem will have consequences.

      You will keep me informed of your progress. Fail to make progress and I shall ensure my frustration will be extremely painful – for you and your friends.


      The Dark Lord

    • Ian Alexander
      Interesting! I myself am working on a fanfic where the diary presents a problem in that it isn t a link to any of the Founders.  It also is a problem if you
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 25, 2010

        I myself am working on a fanfic where the diary presents a problem in that it isn't a link to any of the Founders.  It also is a problem if you want to fiddle around w/different magical numbers other than seven.  JKR in canon has Dumbledore talk about 3 and 7 but 5 is also a very powerful number, especially if you link to to the elements as in North/Earth, East/Air, South/Fire and West/Water with Spirit linking them all together.  (This is a very Celtic way of looking at things)  Additionally this line also relates to the House w/Hufflepuff being Earth (badgers), Ravenclaw being Air (birds), Gryffindor being Fire (bravery as a fiery passion) and Slytherin being Water (snakes are often seen as a symbol of water historically.)

        So what to do about the diary?  I was thinking that it could represent a proto-horcrux that Voldemort made while he was still learning about them.  I mean from canon we know that the horcruxes are dark, ancient magic and even as talented as Riddle was, one can't expect him to get it right on the first try, yes?  While a horcrux actually has a soul fragment, the diary merely had a copy of Riddle's memories at the time he made it.  Ginny wasn't being possessed exactly but was having the copy of Riddle's memories being over-written over her own memories.  If Harry hadn't saved her, Ginny's memories would have been lost completely and there would be (in a sense) the disembodied Voldemort and a Tom Riddle in Ginny's body.  Since Harry destroyed the diary while Ginny was still being "loaded" it caused the entire "download" to be aborted and so Ginny is merely left with a "after taste" of having Riddle in her mind. 

        Mirroring this plot bunny, I can't see Voldemort really wanting another version of him running around.  However, it does make more sense that he would set it up for Lucius to use the diary as a weapon.  If released at the appropriate time, it would cause problems for Dumbledore, allowing the real Voldemort time or an opportunity.  I'm sure old Voldie would not suffer "Riddle" to live if he managed to survive against Dumbledore.  This also explains why Lucius didn't suffer more after Voldemort reincarnation; I would think that even though he needs the Malfoy riches and the like, the canonical Voldemort doesn't seem like he'd take losing 1/7th of his soul lightly.

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