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Re: Looking for a story

Hi Spike, I think I know the one you mean, I'm pretty sure it's Harry Potter and the Triad Prophesy, by Takao1160.
Aug 24

Looking for a story

Looking for a Harry potter story all I remember about the story is that its parring is Harry/Hermione and they just got killed or some such by old voldywarts
Feb 19, 2016

HP/Skyline Crossover

Hello everyone, I'm trying to brush off the cobwebs of my writing by tackling an idea I had some years ago. If any of you remember have seen the movie
Apr 21, 2015

Trio Challenge!

Trio Challenge Will you write a trio fic with Harry, Hermione and Luna, starting in their 5th year on and how they fix things so they win in a non-canon way by
Jun 29, 2014

Scenes from the Hogwarts Teacher's Lounge - audio reading

Hi all, For those that are interested, I've been fortunate to have one of my short stories recorded by one of the Potterficforum members - and I have to say it
Jan 26, 2014

Online Halloween Ball at Potterficweekly Forum Oct 31-Nov3

Hi all, For any interested Potter fans, there is a Halloween Ball planned for the Potterficweekly forum which will run from October 31st through to November
Oct 30, 2013

Re: New groups layout

Hi Dennis, I'm not aware of any other plugins, but then I haven't really spent any time looking for alternatives. Even this plugin can only do so much. For
Sep 15, 2013

Re: New groups layout

Is there some sort of add on for other browsers like Google Chrome or Safari? --- In Thoughts_of_Pudding@yahoogroups.com,
Sep 15, 2013

New groups layout

I was rather disappointed to find that the new Yahoo Groups layout had rolled on to this site. Apart from it hiding the groups cover pic with some chinese
Sep 15, 2013

Re: i've been looking through my favorites list

Unfortunately Norman Wood, aka PerfesserN died back in June of 2010. Red ... -- For updates on my writing, follow me on twitter @red_jacobson
red jacobson
May 16, 2013

i've been looking through my favorites list

and noticed that PerfesserN hasn't posted anything new in a few years anyone know if he's still alive? or has he just moved to a site i havn't found yet?
May 16, 2013

Spam & account hacking

Hi guys, Just to head off any possible posts about spam, I'll just mention that all new accounts in this group start off moderated, and revert to unmoderated
Oct 17, 2012

Re: Status update

Man, I can feel for you and appreciate your situation.  I just got transferred to a "hot" program where I work and the "Powers That Be" have afflicted us with
Evan Mayerle
Jul 22, 2012

Re: Status update

Hope you get some relative sanity back in your life soon.   Tommy British by birth, Scottish by the grace of God www.stopthetraffik.org ... Hope you get some
Tommy King
Jul 22, 2012

Re: Status update

Good to hear from you, Brian. Glad that you're on the mend and I'm sorry that RL has decided to dump on you. Really sucks when you're more qualified than your
Jul 22, 2012
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