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354Re: It's all the Chem Prof's fault...

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  • Brian
    Dec 3, 2008
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      --- In Thoughts_of_Pudding@yahoogroups.com, "Vern Trumbly"
      <vertru@...> wrote:

      > I hate to admit that I have yet to try to write Snape, but I do
      > know I have never liked his immature, bullying character, so he
      > will never come off as a good guy in any of my stories. He's a
      > first class prick in canon, and nothing will change that.
      > Dumbledore allowing the man to teach only confirms, in my mind at
      > least, that the old fool was getting senile, and cared more for his
      > efforts against Voldemort than for his students.

      <nods> Agree with all of that.

      The way I view Snape is that he is more than happy to use his words
      as a weapon to berate and undermine Harry (and others), but without
      doing any real harm to the children himself. Eg, first indication
      of 'goodness' is that he tried to counter-curse the broom in Harry's
      first year, and perhaps the last was his work in trying to keep the
      students safe (or at least safer) during his reign as headmaster.
      Eg, sending the would-be sword stealers for detention with Hagrid
      instead of the Carrows.

      The Prof's Snape though took a more active role in deliberately
      working to destroy Harry's happiness for life - words fail me at
      trying to describe how I feel about that (since the ones I want to
      use are usually referred to as 'four letter' words). Harry's
      only 'crime' against Snape is to have been born.

      Anyway... I mostly hate 'nice' Snape stories, since I just can't see
      it in the character. He's a bullying toerag, and mostly deserves all
      the crap he has to deal with. Doesn't mean that everything he does
      is evil, and also doesn't mean that he isn't working towards an
      overall good end, but he is seriously flawed and has a blind spot
      when it comes to Harry, IMHO.


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