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353Re: [Thoughts_of_Pudding] Re: It's all the Chem Prof's fault...

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  • Vern Trumbly
    Dec 3, 2008
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      On 12/3/08, Brian <bjdibbins@...> wrote:

      --- In Thoughts_of_Pudding@yahoogroups.com, "third_realm_guardian"
      <third_realm_guardian@...> wrote:
      > I always wanna kill Snape off, to be honest. But the moment it
      > seemed like Luna may end up getting raped, I refused to finish the
      > story off. She's my second-favorite character, after Hermione, and
      > I won't read that crap.

      Well, you can relax and finish the story. You alredy know my
      feelings on the topic, so take that as a hint.

      > I refused to read the Canon books, as I know I'll want to finish
      > them, but that they end in a way that will literally make me feel
      > sick, so I don't know for sure, but I think she wound up raped in
      > Canon, and I would hate that more than Hermione ending up with Ron
      > (though I admit it would be close.)

      I only read book 7 the once, though I did go trawling back for
      information from certain scenes. I really don't know if she was or
      wasn't in canon. I don't think she was. I think it would have kinda
      stuck out and the backlash on JKR would have been pretty fierce.

      > PS - Though, look at the bright side, Brian. You can kill Snape
      > off as slowly and painfully as you like in your story.

      Yeah, I can, but I don't know if I can make him as evil as the chem
      prof did. I mean, we know what Snape did in canon, but some of the
      fanon Snape's are much worse. I still find it amusing to read some
      of the reactions to Dumbles and Snape. Really, I think most people
      read into behaviours what they want to see, and I'm not trying to
      make either of those two more or less good or evil than they were in
      canon. Of course, the changed circumstances may push them more
      towards one direction than the other.




      I hate to admit that I have yet to try to write Snape, but I do know I have never liked his immature, bullying character, so he will never come off as a good guy in any of my stories. He's a first class prick in canon, and nothing will change that. Dumbledore allowing the man to teach only confirms, in my mind at least, that the old fool was getting senile, and cared more for his efforts against Voldemort than for his students.

      Vern, aka Herman Tumbleweed

      Once you can honestly say, "I don't know", then it becomes possible to get at the truth. - Robert Heinlein
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