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352Re: It's all the Chem Prof's fault...

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  • Brian
    Dec 3, 2008
      --- In Thoughts_of_Pudding@yahoogroups.com, "Dana Harripersad"
      <ultramagnus356@...> wrote:
      > Ach, laddie, dunna worry too much about it - at least you'd READ
      > Notebooks and Letters by that point. Me? I hadda start from
      > Chapter 1!

      Well, yeah, i read it again from chapter 1 too.. I stopped at the
      end of 6th year when the weekly updates stopped, and waited for the
      story to be finished before picking it all up again. Given the
      questions the Prof asked at the end of year 6 about the level
      of 'realism' to be included, I was getting a little worried about
      what might be contained.

      > (chuckles) I can see why it's the Chem Prof's fault, though - tha'
      > story is good!

      Yep. I can't say I've met a bad Chem Prof or Old Crow story yet.

      > In any case, I punched a hole in the nearest wall after reading
      > that section! I CRIED, man! Ruddy love stories... :)

      I thoroughly hated the fact that Snape actually 'won', and
      Harry 'lost' all those years he could have been spending with
      Hermione. If he had missed out on his daughter growing up as well
      though, well, then I'd have been turning green and smashing things.

      > Okay, panic over - at least tell us you're working on Chapter 23
      > now?

      Well, yeah.. But, this time of the year, lots of christmas shows
      after work, shopping to do.. I'm hoping for something out this
      weekend. I've had some great info from Vanir, as I pestered him
      mercilessly for some details about the Gerda (an old steamer that
      cruises the lake). from what I found on Google, it appears the boat
      travels between Näshultasjön and Eskilstuna, and from there I found
      details of a great castle (Stora Sundby) that I could have Harry
      take Hermione too for Dinner Saturday night. But apparently the
      waterways are closed, so I'm going to have to work something else

      I also asked for details for an appropriate restaurant for the
      lunch. While it's easy enough to make something up, or keep the
      details light and focus on the characters and dialogue, I much
      prefer writing in some authentic Swedish locales, and Vanir makes it
      possible. So I'm going to be Googling for some pics and info on the
      restaurant (and the very interesting surrounding shops.. ;) ) and
      see what else I can find.

      Incidentlly, if you haven't seen them already, there are a bunch of
      pics of the real life 'Western Long Street' in the photos area. :)

      Since I do have some time off from Christmas, and won't be back at
      work until 5th Jan, so will give me a week of real time to spend on
      the story I hope.


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