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350Re: It's all the Chem Prof's fault...

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  • third_realm_guardian
    Dec 2, 2008
      > PS. Is it just me, or did everyone get the urge to Crucio Snape
      before wanting to carve him up slowly with a dull, rusty knife after
      reading *that* section?

      Hidy hidy,

      I always wanna kill Snape off, to be honest. But the moment it seemed
      like Luna may end up getting raped, I refused to finish the story off.
      She's my second-favorite character, after Hermione, and I won't read
      that crap.

      I refused to read the Canon books, as I know I'll want to finish them,
      but that they end in a way that will literally make me feel sick, so I
      don't know for sure, but I think she wound up raped in Canon, and I
      would hate that more than Hermione ending up with Ron (though I admit
      it would be close.)



      PS - Though, look at the bright side, Brian. You can kill Snape off
      as slowly and painfully as you like in your story.
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