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1268Online Halloween Ball at Potterficweekly Forum Oct 31-Nov3

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  • bjdibbins
    Oct 30 3:33 AM
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      Hi all,


      For any interested Potter fans, there is a Halloween Ball planned for the Potterficweekly forum which will run from October 31st through to November 3rd.


      Will include various games & activities, role-playing opportunities, wizard rock streaming, etc. Participation earns 'candy corn' points which can be used to bid on prizes in an auction, which includes 3xgame vouches, Kindle ebook voucher, and other items such as drabble/short story writing offers, early access to podcast, etc.


      Invitation can be found here: http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc115/Brian64_album/Frank-N-Radcliffe_zps5a53a9c6.jpg


      Hope to see you there...