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  • w724bell@aim.com
    Mar 20, 2009
      i havnt heard of any lately Fritz, and i havnt heard much from Jackie either... are ya out there J?!?!?!?

       i just ordered 2 books through amazon.. "Blood Red Snow" memiors of a machine gunner on the Ostfront, and "The Good Soldier" memiors of a Panzer Grenadier from Osterreich, that served (possibly with me!?) with the GrossDeutschland division. it goes from the 1938 anschluss, through the war, captivity in a Gulag, and finally, his returning to Austria... the reason its called "the good soldier" is because at the may 1945 surrender, he was only a few miles from home.. he could have done what many in his unit did... simply lay everything down, and walked home.. but he was "the good soldier" and stayed with his Kameraden, his Brothers, and he paid for that with 10 years in a camp in Uzbekistan some gaddam where! from the excerpts, it looks to be a fascinating read, i grumble everytime i go to the mailbox and DONT see my books!! after i read them, ill let you know what i think, maybe we could do an exchange??

      i know this has nothing to do with film.. bitte entschuld ich Kameraden.. i hope you both are doing well.. -von Reigel

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      Its all kind of quiet as it goes..

      Jackie, Wo bist du ?? Hope you are keeping well and no hassles in life.

      I was wondering off the top of my head if anyone can recommend any movies that show the German Wehrmacht in fairness in any movies made since WW2 ended. We all know the usual Hollywood garbage distorts and makes perverse most facts of WW2 history so it is probably movies made outside the USA Jollywood influence that matter ??

      Stalingrad was a cult classic as was Das Boot..

      Anyone ???

      Hope to hear from you all : )


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