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138Re: [ThirdReichOnFilm] When Trumpets Fade..

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  • w724bell@aim.com
    Feb 8, 2009
      hey fritz,

       i liked it because it wasnt a bunch of jew soldiers, it wasnt a spielberg movie, it showed that the ami's didnt do a walk through of shooting up of bad guys... and it showed the TRUTH... from private to officer in less than a month!?!?!? knowing that... its easy to understand the tactical mistakes that killed so many needlessly.. in fact, if you had a degree, ANY degree, during the ww2 draft, you were drafted as an officer!! ( saving pvt ryan "im a school teacher" tom hanks/capt miller) so you were sure to kill a PILE of pennsylvania volke ( when trumpets fade) before you got used to being an officer. to each his own.. the movie was close to my heart because of the red keystone worn by most of the soldiers.. the "bloody bucket".. relatives of mine in this life wore that patch.. and were as german as the men they were fighting..

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      Finally Herr von Reigel..

      I got the movie sent from Europe as it was not distributed to Australia
      apparentely. . My copy actually came from Germany as an English language
      import.. I watched it and had many things going through my mind.

      You know the US Army of WW2 is Unique to me and Completely Different and
      Separate from any other time period of the US Army. When I see that GI
      Joe uniform I get a sore neck kind of feeling and this disapointment
      that these fine young men of the USA were sent by their Government to
      fight Germany and in many cases it became cousin killing cousin when we
      consider the Huge ancestry of so many European descended Americans.. Its
      the Irish and German blood that makes up the largest pool of DNA among
      white Americans even to this very day.

      That these young men were told they are fighting racist Nazis while back
      home Black Americans suffered apartheid laws and were considered second
      class humans under law of the land !!!!! WoW!!! This obvious Hypocrisy
      that proves the USA entered the war for an entirely other different
      unspoken of reason.

      I hated watching this movie and I found it almost insane some of the
      combat scenes in that even an unprotected artillery gun position would
      have had at least one pair of eyes scanning the area considering how
      close they were to the Ami positions. Small scouting probing patrols
      were always going to happen and flanking that gun the expected thing to
      happen. Maybe I missed something there? Other parts were smack on
      accurate indeed and just plain f--kin sad ..

      Not a good review I know but I did Enjoy watching it in a perverse way
      in that I hated watching the combat scenes for personal reasons hard to
      explain.. I am glad to add this one to my collection as its a movie I
      will watch again unlike the Spielberg 'Twisted History' stuff..

      Put Patton and Rommel together and we would have been inside Moscow
      within a few months so long as we have an early spring start Heh Heh..

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