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137Re: [ThirdReichOnFilm] Dr. Aribert Ferdinand Heim

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  • Jacqueline Wilson
    Feb 6, 2009
      I'm with you Fritz!
      When Private Ryan, and Band of Brothers first came out,
      I was excited, bought copies, and watched them.
      But there was a feeling of 'something's wrong' which I couldn't
      explain.  Now I know why.
      Nowadays I only look at 'Allied Slanted' films like that to see if
      I can find CCKW's like mine in action.  (always a treat!)
      Since DVD's have become the norm, I've since gotten rid of those
      afore mentions films and have no interest in replacing them.
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      Subject: Re: [ThirdReichOnFilm] Dr. Aribert Ferdinand Heim

      Jackie, von Reigel,

      It is interesting reading and I can only imagine how they would churn out a 'Dokumentarfilm' about yet another Freddie Kruger styled Nazi criminal on the run.. Lies or gross exaggerations are quite easy to publish as accused facts when in position of influence and power and we know how Lies get thrown around the room as per whatever given agenda so I am not convinced of the accusations against this man although he may well have committed some bad things.. How many fairy tales thus far have been proven to be false and many of these fairy tales written by camp survivors who swore to their God it was truth.. No real sensationalism when they get busted ehh!!

      Watching Allied Biased WW2 documentaries for me now can make me either burst out laughing at the redicule or become f--kin angry depending on how the subject matter is portrayed. Much of the Allied Glory was Pure Propaganda at the time yet So-Called Official historians of the western elites decided to make most Fantasy then as Facts now.. ie: The famous RAF Dam Busters Raid where the mythology lives on of their heroes. (yeah right!!!! )

      The greatest Documentaries are those of non-bias first and then the ultimate Truth in portrayal of the history

      -Hard To Find..


      w724bell@aim. com wrote:

      great links Jackie!! i have said before that "you are who you are" and i stand by that. just like wherever jeffery dahmer went, young boys came up missing... i cant see how someone could " boil human heads to keep the skulls as souveniers " and then settle down to a life where people grew to LOVE him... as in the Doma family..
       maybe he did some bad things... but for someone to be an effin BUTCHER of humans one decade, and then become a man of letters, that played tennis, and handed out chocolate to the neighborhood kids the next decade??? come on!! once a killer, always a killer! i think its more of the jews trying to paint every nazi in the likeness of freddy kruger.

       the "notes" found in this mystery briefcase?? are they his?? or maybe planted.. aaahhh well.. who knows?

       we will see what tresare's rutgers educated professor has to say about the reich.. im sure that not only was he/she THERE.. but is also completely unbiased in his/her opinion. HAAAAAAAhahaha! ! thanks again.. -glocke/ von Reigel

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