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November 1 - Daily Feast

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    THINK ON THESE THINGS by Joyce Sequichie Hifler November with its pockets of warm air and blasts of cold. The trees have finally realized what they are to do.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2001
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      by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

      November with its pockets of warm air and blasts of cold. The trees have finally realized what they are to do. Even when the sun is shining there is no doubt that it is a season intent on getting to Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Time moves so fast and there are many things to do. But we must not forget to save some quiet moments for our own meditation.

      Annie-dog led the way through the woods, past the deer feeder and along the track where many hoof prints are pressed into the leaf carpet. Down the little path to the point which is on high ground so that there's a good view of the bottomland. A snake was stretched out on the rocks below us sunning itself, but the minute we looked over the edge it slowly moved toward a crack in the rock and disappeared.

      Thought was absorbed with the changes that have come to so many and how they will manage to celebrate any holiday with such hurt still raw and every day reminding them how different it is going to be. What can we do but pray? And what better to do than to pray for their healing and for our own. If there is one thing all of us need to know is that things obey words. Whatever we say needs to be carefully planned because those words are on a mission.




      Nu Da'Na'Egwa
      Big Trading Month

      I am - the Cherokee re - your friends and friends of your people, but we do not wish to be brought into the feuds between yourselves and your Nothern Brethern. Our wish is for peace. Peace at home and peace among you.

      November 1 - Daily Feast

      Have we gotten so shallow that we don't see the importance of the earth beneath our feet? Along with air, light and water, it sustains our lives. Far too many think that grassroots is a political word. Many Cherokee still believe the herbs and roots they take from the earth make the best food and the most effective medicine. They have more faith in what they plant and harvest than they do in the fake chicken soup that seasons so many foods in recent times. But there are even more benefits that come from the earth (if there is a patch left that has not had chemicals on it). Nervous anxiety totally disappears where people can put their hands in the soil, touch it with their feet, and lie on it. Its trees carry off toxins, its roots, flowers, and even weeds have a purpose. But we are the keepers. How are we doing?

      ~ Every part of this soil is sacred....every hillside, every valley, every plain and grove.... responds lovingly to (our) footsteps..... ~


      "A Cherokee Feast of Days" by Joyce Sequichie Hifler



      Elder's Meditation of the Day - November 1

      "Times change but principles don't. Times change but lands do not. Times change but our culture and our language remain the same. And that's what you have to keep intact. It's not what you wear - it's what's in your heart."

      --Oren Lyons, ONONDAGA

      Going back to the old ways doesn't mean giving up electricity, homes and cars. It means living by the same principles, laws and values that our ancestors lived by. This will allow us to live successfully in today's world. The spirituality our ancestors lived is the same  spirituality we need in these modern times. There are too many influences from TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and negative role models that are guiding our lives in a bad way. Our stability is in the laws, principles and values that our ancestors were given and that our Elders teach us.

      Great Spirit,
      let me live my
      life in a
      spiritual way.

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