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A face-lift & tummy-tuck at the Whippet Watch magazine!

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  • Bill and Sally Long
    *Permission to cross-post granted - please don t post to lists not allowing commercial posts.* We are Having a little work done, as they say, and not afraid
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2006
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      *Permission to cross-post granted - please don't post to lists not allowing commercial posts.*
      We are "Having a little work done," as they say, and not afraid to admit it! In fact, we are very pleased to let you know about changes coming to the Whippet Watch magazine. The size of the magazine will be going down a bit, to approximately 8 x 10.5, and it will be run direct to plate, which will produce a much higher resolution and allow for full bleed printing of ads. I can't profess to know what all of that means, but Mary assures me that it is very good news, and she has been waiting eagerly for the printing company to acquire the machinery to do this type of printing. From what I understand, the coming issues of the Whippet Watch will be looking better than ever, with higher quality in the printing of the ads and photographs - and all without higher prices for our advertisers!
      Speaking of coming issues, the next issue's deadline has been extended to October 13th. This will be our first issue printed by the upgraded process, and a couple of key ad positions are still available. To inquire about celebrating your whippets and their latest accomplishments, or to join in the tribute to Melanie Kimball's dear Phoebe, simply click on (or copy and paste) my official Whippet Watch email address in my signature, below.
      We at the Whippet Watch magazine look forward to serving you!
      Sally Long, Ads Coordinator
      Whippet Watch Magazine
      Office Hours: 9 am - 4 pm Central Time
      PO Box 31098, Indianapolis, IN 46231
      Ads phone: 618/466-3066; fax: 240/539-8761
      whippetwatch_pr@... * http://whippetwatch.com
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