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Terre Haute KC (Indiana) Friday Results

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  • Mary Magee/Whippet Watch magazine
    Friday (dogs shown Thursday listed by name only) Judge Ms. Linda Kraft (Canada) Puppy Dogs (3 entered) 1 Starline s Priceless Endeavor 2 Karasar s Hurricane
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 22, 2005
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      Friday (dogs shown Thursday listed by name only)
      Judge Ms. Linda Kraft (Canada)

      Puppy Dogs (3 entered)
      1 Starline's Priceless Endeavor
      2 Karasar's Hurricane Chaser
      3 Longrun's Silent Night

      12-18 Dogs (1 entered)
      1 Lightfalls Royal Copenhagen

      BBE Dogs (4 entered, 1 ab)
      1 SaeSi Whpndr Pick Me Tonight
      2 Vics One Heart
      3 Meisterhaus Gold Mine (Ch Rhode Paved with Gold x Ch Ripshin's
      Kissed by an Angel) B: A Tad Brooks & Barbara Wayne & Linda Johnson
      O: Karen Parks, A Tad Brooks & Gabriel Lynch
      ab Longlesson Elysian Kilkeny O'Aca

      Open Dogs (2 entered, 1 absent)
      1 Rantina Chasin A Dream
      ab Sporting Field's New Design

      WD (2 points): Starline's Priceless Endeavor
      RWD : Lightfalls Royal Copenhagen

      Puppy Bitches (2 entered)
      1 Emerald's Go Where Love Goes
      2 Darjeeling's Sunny

      12-18 Bitches (1 entered)
      1 Vic's My Heart Will Go On

      BBE Bitches (3 entered, 1 absent)
      1 Emerald's Over the Reignbow
      2 Longrun's Legendary Mission, JC
      ab Longlesson Elysian Victorian *she was entered Thursday also, I
      accidentally omitted her, she was absent then also* (Ch Longlesson
      Travis McGee x Elysian Egg Creme) B: Longlesson Kennels, B Clark, S
      Thompson & J. R. Gray O: B Clark, S Thompson & J. R. Gray

      Open Bitches (5 entered, 2 absent)
      1 Sonsteby's Cool As a Cucumber
      2 Wildaire Don't Eat the Daisies JC
      3 Plumcreek Elysian Trademark
      ab Summit Unforgettable
      ab Longlesson Ragtyne Arlen

      WB (2 points): Sonsteby's Cool As a Cucumber
      RWB: Emerald's Go Where Love Goes

      Specials (4 entered, 2 ab)
      Ch Meisterhaus Camelot (Ch Barchet's Singular Sensation x Ch
      Ripshin's Kissed By An Angel) B: A. Tad Brooks, Linda Johnson, Thomas
      Kirstein & Barbara Wayne O: A Tad Brooks& Carol Schurman

      ab Ch Sporting Field's Rock On (Ch Wenrick's Man About Town x Mimbres
      Zophisticate N Fld) B: Dionne Butt & Owen J Light O: Dan Black,
      Bruno Gideon & Dionne Butt

      ab Ch Arlen Salishan Quintessence (Ch Broadstrider By George x Ch
      Allerei's Shannon SC) B: E & L Feldheim & W & E Willis & S Carr B: E
      & L Feldheim & W & E Willis & S Carr O: Gary & Susan Car, Linda
      Marquis & K Marquis

      Ch Meisterhaus Evita

      BOB: Ch Meisterhaus Evita "Madonna"
      BOW: WB Sonsteby's Cool As a Cucumber "Pickles"
      BOS: Ch Meisterhaus Camelot "Cammie"

      Congratulations to all the whippets, their owners/breeders on their

      A side note, yesterday's weather was TERRIBLE! It was chilly, ring
      time was 945 and it was over cast, breezy and wet out. Most of the
      dogs were not pleased (and some of us owners were just as
      displeased). Still it was a fun show, and everyone was very polite.
      Thank you to those who congratulated me on Choice's win yesterday :),
      he seemed pretty happy too! The judge yesterday was very enjoyable to
      show to and was more than patient considered the weather and gave the
      dogs the time to settle down.

      I had a wonderful time, and really needed a couple days away from the
      stress here and Sally Long and I spent most of yesterday visiting,
      eating an awesome lunch at the show, she even helped me unload at my
      hotel! Talk about a FRIEND!!! We hit up a great china buffet I seen
      when I got off the interstate for dinner and WOW was it good!!!! I
      thought Sally was going to have to ROLL me to my van! It's always
      nice visiting with a dear friend and having a great meal (or two) to

      Today's weather was MUCH better and all the dogs (and people) seemed
      to be more happy about being outside. The temps were higher and it
      wasn't nearly as breezy or misting. Today's judge was enjoyable to
      show to also and more visiting with other whippet folks added to the

      Again, thanks to everyone for making it a really nice two days away
      from home! Good luck to everyone over the weekend, I sure hope the
      weather holds and the forecast for snow in the morning and highs of
      43 tomorrow are very wrong!
      Mary Magee, editor
      the Whippet Watch magazine - whippetwatch@...
      Complimentary copy to all 1/2 or full page advertisers!
      1038 N Hathaway Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46229
      phone: 317/898-1PUP (1787); fax: 240/539-8761
      Brand New Site: http://whippetwatch.com
      Need a Collar or Lead? http://whippetwatch.com/1stchoice/
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