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Re: At wit's end, help!!!

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  • Henry Wallace
    I don t know if this will help as I am a newcomer to whippet ownership and care (we have a 6.5 month old boy), but here goes. Our Bizbee whined and cried thru
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 4, 2003
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      I don't know if this will help as I am a newcomer to whippet ownership
      and care (we have a 6.5 month old boy), but here goes.

      Our Bizbee whined and cried thru much of the night the first two weeks
      we had him. At first, I think we did everything wrong. We did what you
      describe -- taking him out to see if he needed to pee, taking
      extraordinary care to not let him know we were there (so he wouldn't
      react by more crying), etc. Then we realized that he really could
      sleep thru the night without a NEED to go out, and that he needed just
      a little loving care right when we put him in the kennel and for a
      short time after (2-3 minutes, no more). It was not long after that
      that he gave up on the whining and it has not been a problem since. We
      do note that if we respond quickly to whining or crying, the problem
      gets worse -- he is not stupid and quickly learns he can get what he
      wants if we don't watch out. Don't respond to the whining -- always
      wait till quiet (even if only for a minute) if you can before responding.

      I second the other person who wrote asking how much he is out during
      the day. I know we would be in trouble with Bizbee if we had him
      cooped up all day with no people to interact with. His max time in the
      kennel is about 4 hours in the daytime (at night he goes from 9 pm to
      7 am). We ususally have him in for a couple hours in the morning and
      then for 3-4 hours in the afternoon. That seems to work if he gets
      excercize at the times he is out, especially in the evening. For what
      its worth, this schedule has proven very difficult for my wife and I,
      and has vastly changed our daily routines. Nevertheless, Biz is a
      wonderful dog, great fun, and has made an enormous difference in the
      life of our youngest daughter.

      Good luck! --Henry

      --- In ThewhippetOnline@yahoogroups.com, "christinamitchell456"
      <christinamitchell456@y...> wrote:
      > Hello, I'm currently at my wit's end and did not know where else to
      turn for
      > information. I signed up for this group in hopes that someone will
      know a
      > solution to this. I honestly do not know what else to do.
      > I have a whippet puppy about 7 or 8 months old now. When he was first
      > introduced to my home, he whined to let me know he had to go to the
      > bathroom. He's been waking me up around 8 or 9 every weekend to go
      > outside, whcih I was okay with, even though I was used to waking up
      at 10 on
      > weekends. So I slowly started to lose my sleep, but again, I wasn't
      > upset.
      > Then he started whining because he wants food or water, or whatnot. I
      > started to feel slightly annoyed, but figured this was fine too.
      Please keep in
      > mind this is a very loved puppy, with tons of toys, lots of
      compressed rawhide
      > bones and lots of love and attention.
      > He's kennel trained and we've been letting him out into the house
      wtih us
      > more and more lately. He's been very good in that aspect, he whines
      > starts walking around in circles to let us know when he needs to go
      > That is until lately, which has absolutely reached my breaking point.
      > He whines CONSTANTLY and I seriously cannot take any more. He used to
      > whine when he needed something, but now I cannot seem to comprehend
      > why on earth he has to whine so -loud- when he has everything he
      > An example of a typical evening after I get home from work: As soon
      as I walk
      > in the door, I take him out to go to the bathroom, feed him, give
      him more
      > water, let him run around and play in the backyard. Then I let him
      > some time with me in the living room. He is allowed to stay out
      with me
      > unless he starts misbehaving. The I let him back out later on, take
      him out to
      > go to the bathroom again. Then I take him for a walk and go to bed
      when we
      > get back.
      > Only now he has been whining constantly, as mentioned. Here's how I've
      > been trying to handle it and it's not solving anything. He's
      whining, so I try to
      > do a mental process of elimination - first I take him outside, he
      goes to the
      > bathroom or doesn't go and still whines while we're outside. Then I
      take him
      > to see if he needs more food or water, but he ignores them. Then
      he's still
      > whining when he's out with me and has attention. It's really
      annoying to hear
      > whining so much that you still hear it when you're gone at work.
      > Here's the worst part though. He has everything he could possibly
      need and
      > he made it through entire nights of sleep all of these months, yet
      there have
      > been a few nights (which seem to be getting more frequent, but maybe
      > just lack of sleep talking) where he starts whining in the middle of
      the night,
      > like 2 or 3 am and he just keeps whining.
      > Please, what can I do to train him that this is not appropriate? I
      know he is still
      > a puppy, but for several months when he was younger than this, he
      did not
      > whine in the middle of the night, he slept just fine and quietly.
      That is why I
      > believe there must be something I can do. This morning, he started
      > at the top of his lungs or throat, whatever, at 2 am and has kept
      whining from 2
      > am straight to 5:30 am.
      > Keep in mind, I wake up and leave for work much later than this as I
      have an
      > 8-5 job. Every hour of sleep is precious to me, particularly those
      later hours
      > like 2 am on. I took him out to go to the bathroom, fed him, gave
      him extra
      > water, and he still kept whining.
      > Please, please help! I am willing to be accept a whippet as a much
      > member of the family, but this whining is becoming extensive and I
      do not
      > think he should have ANY right to make me miss out of that much
      sleep on a
      > work day. Again, if he had difficulty making it through a full
      night's sleep when
      > I first brought him home or when he was younger, that would have been
      > understandable. But up until a few random nights here and there, he
      > suddenly thinks it's okay to choose not to sleep and wake me up??
      > I just want this constant whining for no reason to come to an end,
      if he wants
      > to whine because he actually needs something, bathroom, food, water,
      > whatver, that is fine, but not when he has everything.
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