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PhaseYa's test results are in

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    Got the call from Dr. Elkins a bit ago so here goes: Good news 1: BOTH boys can donate to their mom so we are good there!! Yeah!! Good news 2: We are not
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21 1:34 PM
      Got the call from Dr. Elkins a bit ago so here goes:

      Good news 1: BOTH boys can donate to their mom so we are good there!! Yeah!!

      Good news 2: We are not dealing with a leukemia or cancer type
      problem (YEPPEY!!!!), nor is it a hemalytic problem

      Good news 3: Precursors for making blood ARE there, they are low but
      she HAS them!!!!

      News 4: Diagnosis is at this point, Suppressed Bone Marrow, cause
      unknown (he said there are a hundred things that can cause it from
      estrogen, toxins, ibuprophen, sulfa based drugs, radioactivity and
      the list went on and on; since we believe she's not gotten into any
      drugs we feel that's not the cause but still we have no clue what
      triggered it).

      Treatment: On Dec 1st she will have another CBC drawn, check her PCVs
      and monitor her the whole time (checking gums, ears and belly for
      pinkness), if she appears to be going pale, it's a trip to the vet
      for the PCV test. If her levels drop again it will be another
      transfusion and monitor. Dr Elkins said he has seen a dog who did
      recover from one transfusion but usually it takes more than one, he
      expects Phase to need 2 to 4 of them. Her blood tests will be done by
      Dr Sue, with all results faxed to Dr Elkins. All transfusions will be
      done by Dr Elkins. I'm to watch her for any changes and call if there
      are any. Feeding her at this time the Hill's A/D (she likes that a
      LOT now!) and continue with the vitamins and antibiotic. So at this
      point, no we don't know what caused this, but he feels comfortable
      that with assistance (transfusions) her body will come out of this
      and start regeneration of RBCs!! YEPPEY!!!!! We still have to get
      through the rest of the woods, but it's nice to finally see the

      I KNOW you guys saying prayers and thinking good thoughts has helped,
      I SO appreciate all the wonderful support, you'll never know how much
      it's helped me. Please don't stop the good thoughts/prayers yet
      though, as she still needs them til her body kicks back in.

      As to at home, today's been a VERY good day!!! She got up in the
      morning, RAN out the back door, RAN back to the door and took her
      meds in cheese again! She ate about 1/4 cup of KIBBLE! with a little
      bit of dog gravy and a table spoon of tuna mixed in. We had to run to
      a local vet's to get some more Hills A/D (bought 10 cans) and when we
      got home I offered her a full can, she ate about 3/4ths or a tad more
      of that :). A little bit ago I let her out to go potty, she ran full
      tilt to the back fence and barked at the neighbor's boxer so I KNOW
      she's feeling better!!! My parents came for a visit this morning and
      she was more her typical pushy PET ME self ;) laid her head on my
      dad's stomach and gave him google eyes LOL.

      It's SO good to see her more like herself, it does a heart good!!!! I
      can't thank everyone enough for all the help, a big huge hug to a
      special northwest coast angel ... Phase sends her love to everyone!!!

      a MUCH happier Mary n *thee* princess p
      Thank you God
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