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PhaseYa post surgery/transfusion long (wednesday)

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    Hi all, here s today s news. I got her to Dr Elkins office at just before 8 am and we talked before they took her back. We discussed the advantage to her
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2003
      Hi all, here's today's news. I got her to Dr Elkins' office at just
      before 8 am and we talked before they took her back. We discussed the
      advantage to her recovery from the bone marrow test with having a
      blood transfusion (started before the surgery) and we opted to go
      ahead with it. His own personal dog was used as the donor for this
      transfusion as the pups' and her cross matching hasn't come back yet
      and I guess the first transfusion is less apt to be rejected so cross
      matching isn't as imperative the first time but it is from now
      forward. He also told me yesterday that chances are she will need
      probably 2 or 3 transfusions plus what ever treatment for whatever we
      are fighting. Back to today ... He said as long as things went well,
      she'd be able to come home in the afternoon which made me VERY happy!

      I left her in their care at appx 845; she wasn't real happy about
      being lead away from me but she did go without too much problem (just
      turned around and stared at me a couple times). The transfusion was
      started within a half hour I guess of me leaving.

      This is what the surgery (test) entailed: shaved both front legs for
      the IVs to be put in, sedated, tubed, masked down [I think I have all
      this right], shaved the whole shoulder area, 1 1/2" incision on her
      right shoulder, drill a hole into the shoulder blade, a needle was
      inserted to remove a 'core' and a 'spoon' tool used to scrape out
      more bone marrow, and then sewn up - again I THINK I have all this
      right but my brain is still reeling.

      After they got part of the transfusion done they started the above
      surgery finished that while the transfusion continued. At one point
      she started swelling so they slowed it and administered Benedryl and
      the swelling reduced. I talked with Dr Elkins at 1 pm and he said
      she'd be ready to come home at 2:30. He also told me that they had
      done some Xrays and their radiologist had already gone over all of
      them and found nothing to be suspect at all, no abnormalities in any
      organs, no 'unidentified objects' (my wording not his <g>). He felt
      that everything went well, that he obtained enough marrow for the
      test but that everything was very 'thin'. He said she was being a
      very good and pleasant patient.

      I got there at 2:28 <g> and had a few other questions to ask (ie when
      can she eat: at 6, what can she eat: anything she will, what about
      exercise: let her decide, if she wants to run around, let her but
      supervise, what about pain meds: give her 1/2 a tablet (1/2 of a 10
      mg tablet of Torbutrol) twice a day, first one at 5 pm tonight; what
      about the other meds she's on: give them again starting tomorrow
      morning, none tonight to avoid stomach upset; when will the test
      results be in: Friday, they were sent out tonight. About that time
      the vet tech brought her out, Phase leading the way, pulling and
      limping on her right front, tail wagging a mile a minute! She was a
      bit drugged still and groggy but she sure was happy to see me (not
      nearly as happy as I was to see her though I don't think LOL).

      She rode in the truck, staring at me most of the way home, sitting up
      with the right leg up. I coaxed her to lay down and she did for
      awhile but preferred sitting. Of course she was carried out of the
      truck, to the yard to relieve herself, and again carried into the
      house, coat and lead off and laid gingerly on her soft bed. We did
      some talking and cuddling for awhile and she hobbled over to the
      crate and laid down and dozed off.

      5 pm I gave her the dose of pain meds and at 6 she ate her first
      meal, 1/4 of a can of ProPlan puppy, hand fed but she ate DOG food so
      it seems there is already a tad of progress with her appetite. I
      offered her a bite again at 7 but she wasn't interested and so we did
      another potty walk out front (the other dogs are out back right now
      and I don't want her bumped), again she was carried out front to the
      yard and she did her thing and carried back in. She's not real steady
      right now due to the drugs so I prefer making sure she gets where
      she's going without falling. She has walked into the kitchen on her
      own after a drink of water and back to the living room without issue
      but the front has three steps.

      Anyhow she's resting now in the living room crate with the door on
      and a blanket covering it for privacy while the others have some
      house time as they've been excommunicated to the yard or dog room
      most of the day since she's been home.

      At this point, all that can be done is wait for the results. I deeply
      appreciate everyone's thoughts, prayers and emails - if you'd not
      mind continuing Phase and I would really be very grateful - we've
      only jumped another hurdle, the race is by no means over yet.

      hugs to everyone,
      mary and princess phaseya lynne
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