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Monday's PhaseYa update

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    I ll try to keep this one a bit shorter so s not to take up too much time. Last night she didn t sleep much, woke a few times panting and unable to get
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2003
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      I'll try to keep this one a bit shorter so's not to take up too much time.

      Last night she didn't sleep much, woke a few times panting and unable
      to get comfortable ... up on the couch with me, down on the floor, up
      on the couch. Finally about 4 she settled down and slept for a couple
      hours. This morning she did better eating wise, ate 1/4 cup of
      biljac, then a couple hours later ate 3/4 cup of kibble with 1/8 cup
      of tuna in oil, a good sized splash of Ensure mixed together and ate
      all but a few bites! She was a bit brighter eyed and perkier too all
      day. Our photographer friend came to visit (I needed something
      special done ;-)) and she greeted him with wagging tail and kisses
      which REALLY made me happy! During the photos, she spotted a squirrel
      outside the fence and she about launched herself off my lap (no way
      darlin! not yet!!). She didn't take her eyes off him for quite some

      Her dinner, she didn't eat as well but I gave her about 1/4 cup of
      roast instead of which she gobbled up. She's still drinking tons. I
      do hope that these 'good things' are signs of her getting better but
      we'll know more after tomorrow (another pcv vet visit). We also
      switched her antibiotic to Doxycycline from the Amoxicilin just
      incase it is one of the tick borne diseases.

      Tonight, when I was brushing the other dogs' teeth, she came down the
      hall to see and observe (supervising I guess) and has check on me
      several times today when I wasn't in the room with her, even ventured
      down stairs when I was cleaning the cat's litter box (she hasn't gone
      down the stairs on her own since wednesday).

      Seems the good thoughts and prayers are helping, THANK you everyone,
      keep em up. :-) She sends her thanks as well. I know I'm really bad
      right now about responding to emails but know I am reading all of
      them, just writing isn't fitting into my schedule just yet. Please
      accept my apologies.

      Must run, time to cuddle more.

      Mary and thee princess PhaseYa
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