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Practice tonight

Will be at Redshield Hall, 936 Exchange St. Parking and entrance are in the back of the building, off of Flint St. Also, this is the last practice before
James Fitch
Jul 24

Known World Champ

Hi Thescorre fencers, Her Excellency has asked me to pass on that she is willing to sponsor anyone from the Barony who is interested in competing for Known
Pat Keleher
Jun 24

Re: Rapier Champs

To Thescorre Fencers, Her Excellency has requested a ball park on how many of you want to go for Barony Rapier Champ. Drop me an email (off the Barony list) if
Pat Keleher
Jun 20

Rapier Champs

To Thescorre's Fencers, Her Excellency has OK'd our conducting the Rapier Champ competition at practice on Monday June 26. In Service - Padraig Ua'Chaeleichair
Pat Keleher
Jun 16

Re: Back out

Ouch! I definitely sympathise. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android On Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 7:28 AM, Pat Keleher pgkeleher@...
Eric France
Mar 20

Back out

Pulled a muscle in my back shoveling last week. Gonna take it easy tonight, won't be at practice. Padraig
Pat Keleher
Mar 20

No Fencing 3/6/17

I'm told that the Rec center is going to be closed again, so there will be no Fencing next monday. -Simon
James Fitch
Mar 2

Re: Practices

Me. I just made you a moderator. :-) Eric From: "James Fitch qlipoth@... [ThescorreFencing]" To: thescorre fencing
Eric France
Jan 8


Not sure who is even on this list anymore, or who runs it, but: There will be practice tomorrow and not the week after (MLK Day) So come out and shake some
James Fitch
Jan 8

Re: No fencing practice this week

Sure. Mine is the Penfield rec center calendar, but the days closed should be the same. I won't be at practice till mid February (The class I'm taking starts
Pat Keleher
Jan 3

Re: No fencing practice this week

Neat. Any chance of getting a look at it some time? I can put all of their closings into my calendar with reminders so I don't Mess up. On Mon, Jan 2, 2017
James Fitch
Jan 2

Re: No fencing practice this week

Hey Simon, My job gave me a rec center calendar for my desk this year. I notice the rec center will be closed Mon. Jan 16 (Martin Luther King Day) & Feb. 20
Pat Keleher
Jan 2

No fencing practice this week

As a reminder: the Rec center is closed, so there will be no fencing practice tomorrow. -Simon Sevastian
James Fitch
Jan 1

No fencing tonight

Looking at the current torrent of rain and the forecast that says it's going to continue, I'm going to say "we like our knees. Let's not try to fence on wet
James Fitch
Jun 2, 2016

Practice Memorial Day?

Hi all, I meant to bring this up at practice Monday. Does anyone want a practice the 30th? My gout got worse Monday evening & through Tuesday, subsided a bit
Pat Keleher
May 26, 2016
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