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  • Roger Morales, CNSA
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      Featured Paralegal Article
      Paralegal Superstar October 2009: Stacy McIlvain
      Featured Paralegal Association
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      2010 Paralegal Superstar Nominations
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      October 2009
      Paralegals in the News
      Paralegal Protects Employer from Alleged Hitman

      2009 PG CalendarA paralegal became so concerned about a phone call from a man, seeking to make an appointment with her boss, that she told the lawyer not to come to work one afternoon and told her coworkers to lock the office doors.

      Leslie Margolies said she remembered getting a phone call in June 2002 from a potential client who wanted an immediate appointment. She initially told the caller that her boss, Peter Paras, would not be back in the firm's Red Bank office until that Friday afternoon. (Read More>>>)

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      Featured Paralegal Article
      Paralegals Take a Walk On the Cloud
      Contributed by Kim Walker

      CloudWalkWe've all heard of computing and we've all heard of clouds. And now, more and more we are hearing the strange term "cloud computing." Sounds ominous, sounds way too out there, sounds more like something a computer geek should be concerning himself with, not you.

      Not true. As a paralegal in the 21st century, you are required to keep abreast of all the latest technology, how it works and how it can benefit your firm and clients. Technology is changing business as usual in the law firm every day. But cloud computing is storming onto the scene, and your knowledge of the way cloud computing works will ensure either blue skies or gray skies for you. (Read More>>>)
      Paralegal Superstar October 2009: Stacy McIlvain
      2009 PG CalendarStacy McIlvain is a North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegal who has worked in the profession since 1999.  Currently, Stacy works for Moore & Van Allen PLLC in Charlotte, NC as a Financial Services Paralegal.  Stacy has experience and knowledge with leveraged and acquisition finance matters, mezzanine capital investment matters and syndicated and asset-based lending matters. (Read More>>>)
      Featured Paralegal Association
      The Philadelphia Association of Paralegals (PAP)

      AssociationsThe Philadelphia Association of Paralegals (PAP) was formed in 1973 as a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the paralegal profession. The membership is comprised of practicing paralegals, students, individuals, schools, law firms and other organizations. PAP is a charter member of The National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) which has over 17,000 members nationwide. NFPA allows PAP and its members to be involved in the formation of policies affecting the paralegal profession and to stay informed of developments on a national scope.  Visit Their Site
      Featured Seminar
      Uncovering the Mystery of Computer Forensics for Paralegals

      SeminarAs the need for e-discovery has grown, many legal professionals have concern over whether they are retrieving all of the vital information that may be critical to their case. Valuable evidence can be 'hidden' in a number of places, but what is worth digging for and when? Take a closer look at when computer forensics should be used, techniques for protecting evidence, and ways to roughly estimate costs - all from the convenience of your desk.  Register Today!! (This link will take you to IPE's home page. You will need to enter Product No. 50273SADMP to access listed seminar).
      Featured Paralegal Gear
      "Pink Cool" Paralegal T
      Pink Cool TParalegalGateway's online store contains a virtual plethora of cool Paralegal gear that is sure to put a smile on your face and generate pride for the profession.  Like the "Pink Cool" Paralegal T (shown here - only $19.99).  Be sure to get one for you and one for your favorite Paralegals.  Each purchase helps keeps ParalegalGateway.com up and running and FREE for Paralegals!
      2010 Paralegal Superstar Nominations
      Star GirlIt's that time of year again!  ParalegalGateway is now accepting nominations for Paralegal Superstars for 2010!!!  If you know a Paralegal who has made a significant contribution to the Profession, their community or both, please complete our online nomination form.  Feel free to nominate yourself as well.  We will evaluate all applications and elect the top 12.  These individuals will be featured on ParalegalGateway and on our annual calendar.  We look forward to the submissions and will announce the winners in November.

      The online nomination form may be found here so nominate someone today!
      New Partner Sponsor Welcome - Esquire
      EsquireParalegalGateway is proud to welcome our new Partner Sponsor, Esquire (an Alexander Gallo Company). Offering Deposition Services, Staffing Solutions, Litigation and Corporate Solutions, the new Esquire, a name with a long history in litigation support -- now with the solid and stable backing of Alexander Gallo Holdings. Discover our new company, built by combining the best people, products and technology from Esquire and the former Alexander Gallo Holdings family of companies including Brown & Gallo, Paulson Reporting, Associated Reporters, Jack Daniel Reporting and LRI.

      Learn more by visiting their site and thank them for promoting and supporting the Paralegal profession.
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