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  • AJ Nuest
    Dec 7, 2013
      Got mine already, Debra! And congrats on the stupendous rankings! Whoot!
      AJ Nuest
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      On Saturday, December 7, 2013 7:57 AM, D. Jupe <debhaney1@...> wrote:
      Last day for free down load my romance/suspense Echoes in the Wind!

      It may be love, but can they survive long enough to find out?

      Darla could not lose control here. She needed to say something and leave. But the strange pattern on the fabric of her rescuer’s shirt grabbed her attention. She tipped her head slightly and frowned. She stared harder, blinking several times. What th… A loud gasp escaped as she slapped a palm over her mouth. This night kept getting better. She lowered her hand and gaped at the pink tinge sprayed across the Raging Impulse lead guitarist’s chest.

      “That’s not good.” He wiggled a finger over the scattered glass, apparently unperturbed she’d ruined his shirt. “What were you drinking? I’ll get you another.”

      Darla stared, speechless. The inflections of his strong accent made him difficult to understand yet the mere sound of his voice caused her heart to almost stop. It was rich, deep, laced with enough of a rasp to carry a trace of seductiveness. The kind of voice that could convince a woman to do practically anything.“What were you drinking?” he asked again. A long moment passed. Those disturbing cobalt eyes continued to study her. “Are you okay?”

      Darla gulped. She was fine except her mind experienced a complete meltdown. Her heart beat in triple time, she couldn’t catch her breath, and she appeared to have lost the ability to speak, but yeah, she was okay.

      “Wine,” she blurted. “White Zinfandel.” Surprised she’d almost found her wits, she paused and made an awkward gesture over the fresh stain on his shirt. “I don’t know what happened. Um, I got…you were there, it…” Her arm dropped, and she released a heavy sigh. “The glass slipped out of my hand.”

      A slight curve formed across his lips as a wicked twinkle entered his eyes. “I noticed.”
      Debra Jupe
      Romance Suspense author
      Echoes in the Wind, @ Amazon.com
      World wide release January 31, 2014

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