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WARNING: Owner of downtown restaurant is Jew for J----!

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  • Dina Moskowitz
    FYI:   I received the following information from the Yad L Achim organization:   The restaurant Ye Olde English Tea Room , now located at 6 Hillel Street
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2009
      I received the following information from the "Yad
      L'Achim" organization:
      The restaurant "Ye Olde English Tea Room", now located at 6 Hillel Street in downtown Jerusalem, is under the same ownership as it was years ago in another location downtown. The name of the owner is Esther Eileen Dorflinger [her name is given on the eLuna.com site as Esther Corson], who Yad L'Achim confirmed is a known Messianic Jew [originally from the States]. This restaurant was open at another location in town, closed down and recently opened, with a kashrut certificate from the Jerusalem Rabbinate, at the Hillel St. location.
      Dorflinger is mentioned on several messianic Jewish websites; do a search for her name on the Internet and you'll come up with several sites identifying her as deeply immersed in Messianic "Judaism".
      Following is just one example, a quote from the website "Didiya

      I may have been hasty in saying that as I remember reading an account of a Jewish woman, Esther Dorflinger, whom the Spirit of Jesus ministered to in mighty ways before she ever came to realize that it was Jesus. When Yeshua revealed Himself to her, she couldn't believe it, the stigma on Jesus being so great in the Jewish Community. But Yeshua* wooed her by relating that all those times in the past when she didn't know His Name, she had felt His Love and had trusted Him.
      With that, she began to walk with her Messiah and the Lord would move mightily through her. I should have asked her why she thought it was the Spirit of God and not come against her as I did. If I blew it Lord, please forgive me and redeem it.
      *[Yeshua = Jesus]

      In the mid '70's, Dorflinger applied for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return, but it was denied her on the grounds that by then she had already converted to Christianity. Yad L'Achim claims that she's still a practicing Christian today.
      Of course, the question can be asked re how a known Messianic managed to get a kashrut certificate.... I asked Yad L'Achim that question, and was told that if she conceals her identity by using another name, it's fairly easy, plus it's also possible that the Rabbinate was coerced by the courts to give her restaurant a certificate.
      Don't patronize the restaurant of a Messianic Jew parading as a kosher Jew!

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