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Philo Accepted the True Almanac

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  • Yehochanan Ben-Yisrael
    Shalom Everyone, I ran across an interesting web site that has the complete Writings of Philo Judaeus of Alexandria
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2009

      Shalom Everyone,

      I ran across an interesting web site that has the complete Writings of Philo Judaeus of Alexandria. If you go to the homepage and click on the Research Library, it has other works like those of Josephus, Books of Enoch, Jasher, Jubilees, and a few others.

      As you all know, I deal primarily with the Tanakh, Gospels and Revelation. Everything else is supplementary and not Scripture for me. So, I am not promoting those books. But, they do shed a lot of light on the understanding Hebrew concepts in ancient Israel. More importantly, many people believe in those books and use them for doctrine.

      So, I bring up that site because it is searchable!

      I spent some time searching the Writings of Philo for some of the things that we discussed in the forum lately. I found some interesting opinions by Philo that are easy verifiable by doing the word search. All of these things come right up.


      1. The new month begins at conjunction.

      2. The Sabbath is based on perpetual cycle of seven days.

      3. The primary definition of day is from sunrise to sunset.

      4. The daily cycle is day-night. It is considered only for determining months. So, a month is defined as 30 days and nights.


      The reason I bring up the site is that the problem that people have in using these books is that they read one or two things and make conclusions. However, these things are easy to find with the search engine the site has. We can check all of the books that people use to prove erroneous doctrine. But, now, we can read everything the books say about things like the Sabbath, a day, the month and things like that--not just a quote here and there.

      I believe this important to check out. As you all know, I finally came to the understanding the Book of Jubilees only promoted the 364-day year on order to keep track of the equinoxes so that we can keep the Feasts (Pesach in particular) in the proper season. When I read the whole book from cover to cover, I discovered that not one verse says to use the 364-day calendar for Torah observance. It explicitly says to only use it to keep track of the seasons.

      So, if we do the search and read all of the teachings concerning the topics above, we will discover that Philo, Jubilees and Enoch do not contradict Torah or proper understanding of the Almanac of YHWH. So, with this tool, we can show them. Plus, we do not have read the WHOLE BOOK. You can search for everywhere the word day appears. None of the searches are long so it is not a case where were will have to spend hours researching. It took me less than 5 minutes to read every sentence in Philo with the word day in it. Perhaps, I will do a post one day based on Philo showing that he has the proper understanding of the Almanac.

      I will leave you with one of many good examples if found.

      Philo, Questions and Answers on Genesis, II

      "And it is on this account that the dove arrived in the evening, having passed the whole day from morning to evening in its visitations;"







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