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Watch Gush Katif Video online

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  • undercover_saint
    Shalom! Watch a 26 minute video on the situation in Gush Kativ. & Watch also a video from Rabbi Simcha Pearlmutter on what his rabbis taught him about Y shua.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2005

      Watch a 26 minute video on the situation in Gush Kativ.


      Watch also a video from Rabbi Simcha Pearlmutter on what his rabbis
      taught him about Y'shua.
      Now ready to play on your DVD-player!


      Available on "The Hebraic Roots Network of South Africa" website.

      The Price tag for disowning 9000 Jews

      On 17 August 2005 Israel will carry out its disengagement initiative.
      Handing over all of Gaza and part of the West Bank to the
      Palestinians, making it the first country in modern history to give up
      land acquired in a defensive war. During this summer's pullout:

      100% of the Gaza Strip will be evacuated and handed over to the

      300 square miles of the West Bank will be evacuated.

      21 Israeli settlements will be uprooted in the Gaza Strip.

      4 Israeli settlements will be uprooted in the West Bank.

      48 graves in the Gush Katif Cemetery, including six graves of area
      residents murdered by terrorists, will be uprooted.

      9,000 is the approximate number of Israelis, in 1,700 Israeli
      families, currently living in the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank.
      All of them will be moved out as part of the withdrawal.

      2842 homes will be destroyed and the rubble removed at Israel's

      38 synagogues will be blown up in the Gaza Strip.

      287 public buildings will be left for the Palestinians.

      5,000 school-age children will need to find new schools.

      42 daycare centers will be closed in the Gaza Strip.

      36 kindergartens will be closed in the Gaza Strip.

      7 elementary schools will be closed in the Gaza Strip.

      3 high schools will be closed in the Gaza Strip.

      320 mobile homes, ordered by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, will serve
      as temporary housing for settlers, with approximately 300 additional
      mobile homes to be ordered in the future.

      45,000 Israeli soldiers and policemen are expected to participate in
      the Gaza withdrawal.

      $1.7 billion is the approximate cost to the Israeli government for the
      withdrawal initiative.

      166 active Israeli farmers will be moved out of Gaza.

      800 cows, comprising the second largest dairy farm in Israel, will be
      moved out of Gush Katif.

      $120 million in flowers and produce exported annually from Gush Katif
      will be lost.

      1 zoo, the "Katifari," that houses hundreds of animals will be moved.

      10,000 people employed in agriculture and related industries in Gush
      Katif, including 5,000 Palestinians, will need new employment.

      60% of Israel's cherry tomato exports come from the Gaza Strip.
      Israel's withdrawal from Gaza will extinguish this economic resource.

      3.5 million square meters (almost 1,000 acres) of greenhouses will be
      abandoned in Gaza.

      70% of Israel's organic produce is currently produced in Gaza. This is
      another economic resource that will be lost.

      60% of the herbs exported from Israel come from Gush Katif.

      15% of Israel's agricultural exports originate in Gaza – exports that
      will be lost following Israel's withdrawal from Gaza.

      $360,000 is the approximate average compensation amount Israel expects
      to pay to relocate each family.

      $870 million is the approximate cost for Israel to facilitate the
      resettlement of former West Bank and Gaza residents elsewhere in the

      $500 million is the amount of money Israel's security establishment
      will spend in order to relocate Israel Defense Forces bases outside
      the Gaza Strip and build new border crossing facilities.

      After the withdrawal: 430,000 West Bank Palestinians will be able to
      move freely within and between Palestinian controlled areas.

      0 Israelis, dead or alive, will remain in Gaza.

      1.2 million Arabs will remain full and legal citizens of Israel. All
      Israeli citizens – Christians, Muslims, and Jews – have freedom of
      speech, religion, press, and the right to vote.

      1.3 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, many of them in
      Palestinian Authority-controlled refugee camps, will be able to live
      under their own leaders.

      820,000 JEWISH refugees, FORCED to flee without their belongings from
      ARAB countries between 1947 and 1949, will still have no compensation
      for their losses from Arab governments.

      650,000 Arab refugees who left Israel between 1947 and 1949 will still
      need Palestinian leaders who will end terrorism and the culture of

      Israel's withdrawal from four northern West Bank Settlements will
      create an area more than twice the size of Gaza's 140 square miles
      under Palestinian control and devoid of any Israeli presence.

      Source: The Israel Project
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