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Cleaning out

I'm delighted that you are cleaning out the old stale stuff. I really want to see this group get going again. Jan Caldwell
7:46 AM

Old Swaps

Hi Everyone, As we are revamping the group (yippie) I went in and deleted two swaps that I had hosted last year....yeah, I'm a bit late! LOL!! Still thinking
7:02 PM

Re: Artist's Choice Swap

Thanks to all for playing.  I will do an update tomorrow to make sure I haven't missed anyone. Lucie  lucie_horowitz@... On Monday, May 4, 2015 6:44
Lucie Horowitz
5:17 PM

Re: New Swap Ideas

I would like to join, but I didn't see it in the database. It seems to be a list of old swaps.It is good to get the group going again. Susan
4:47 PM

Re: Artist's Choice Swap

Good to swap again. Please add me. I will get these out in the mail by the end of the week. Susan
4:44 PM

Re: New Swap Ideas

OKay......we will go with the first two ideas and then the other two. HATS OFF - choose any style of hat and have fun with it. Any style, technique and
May 2

File - Hostess Etiquette

1. In order to host a swap you must first get permission from the list owner (Valerie B.) before posting it to the group or in the database. You must also
May 1

File - Things to know about being a member of this group

1. If you have a question that you think may be one that is frequently asked please check the database under FAQ's before you post it to the group or me.
May 1

Re: Artist Choice

I will check when I get home.  I know I receved 2, but I haven't opened either one.   Lucie  lucie_horowitz@... On Friday, May 1, 2015 7:11 AM,
Lucie Horowitz
May 1

Artist Choice

Lucie did you get my ATCs for the Artist Choice? I mailed them on the 22nd. Jan Caldwell
May 1

Re: New Swap Ideas

Sounds great. Run with it!!! Love the 3/3 idea too. As 3 is not too hard. And a 30 day turnaraound is ideal. For those international players, what would
Sarah Walker
Apr 30

Re: New Swap Ideas

Hi Lori! They certainly tug on mine! They are out of the ordinary topics and that’s what I like for ATCs. And I agree about the 3/3 and $1.00 for shipping.
Margaret Lind
Apr 30

New Swap Ideas

Sarah.......let me know what you think of these ideas and if okay I will go ahead and put them in the database. 1. Top Down........all about hats 2. Shades of
Apr 30

Re: Artist's Choice Swap

Lucie......please add my name to your swap. I am enjoying getting back into the crafting mode so this will be great. thanks Lori O.
Apr 30

Re: Artist's Choice Swap

In a message dated 4/27/2015 6:35:36 P.M. US Eastern Daylight Time, TheSumOfAllATCs@yahoogroups.com writes: Lucie they been mailed . thank you.MaryR
Apr 27
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