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  • insurancelawyer
    Don t believe that the best things in life are free ? Here s proof. You can get a FREE COPY of Rogak s New York No-Fault Law & Practice: 2009 Edition
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2009
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      Don't believe that "the best things in life are free"?  Here's proof.

      You can get a FREE COPY of Rogak's New York No-Fault Law & Practice: 2009 Edition -- which, without a doubt, is one of the "best things in life" (if you happen to be a no-fault attorney, examiner or judge faced with a no-fault problem) -- a $57.95 value, sent to you postpaid.

      How?  It's easy: just refer a no-fault lawsuit to Lawrence N. Rogak LLC for defense.  If you are already a client of Lawrence N. Rogak LLC, then it's easy: just write "send my free book" on your next case referral to our office.

      If you are an insurance company, TPA or self-insured entity who doesn't yet use Lawrence N. Rogak LLC for no-fault defense, what better incentive than getting a free copy of the only complete no-fault treatise on the market?

      There are no strings attached, no obligations.  Send a lawsuit for us to defend, get a free copy of the book.   And you can get one free copy for each lawsuit you send.  All you have to do is ask.  (See terms and conditions below).   You get the most knowledgable and effective no-fault defense money can buy, and a free copy of the ultimate guide to the subject.   Talk about a win-win situation!

      Opportunity is knocking.    Anybody home?

      Rogak's New York No-Fault Law & Practice: 2009 Edition


      1. To qualify for the free book, you must be an insurance company, TPA, or self-insured entity who is responsible for defending claims and suits for no-fault benefits.  Offer applies to both current and new clients.  Only new assignments sent after 28 February 2009 qualify for this offer.

      2. Lawrence N. Rogak LLC will accept any reasonable insurance company/TPA/self-insured entity's rate for no-fault defense by outside counsel; however, we reserve the right to reject terms which we deem to be patently unreasonable.  In such case, we will return the lawsuit papers to the sender and there will be no attorney-client relationship. 

      3. If the sender has no standard fee schedule for outside counsel, the sender may choose one of the following: (a) Hourly rate of $115; or (b) Modular rate of $500 to answer complaint and serve demands; $300 for each discovery motion; $650 for each summary judgment motion; $300 each court appearance; $400 each EUO/EBT; $400 for discovery responses; $250 for trial prep; and $475 half day/$850 full day for trial.   No charge for correspondence, phone calls, or status report.  To earn the right to the free book, sender must agree to pay for at least the answer and demands, even if the suit is settled.  Legal fees must be paid within 30 days after invoice unless otherwise agreed; 2% monthly interest applies to overdue invoices.

      4. By your sending and us accepting a lawsuit for defense, an attorney-client relationship is formed and the client is entitled to all rights under the statutory New York State Client Bill of Rights (details upon request).

      5. Sender may request one free book per lawsuit assigned; limit 10 free books per company.

      6. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

      7. Any questions are best resolved prior to taking any action.  Email me at: insurancelawyer@...

      Larry Rogak

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