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Do you have the "No-Fault Bible" yet?

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  • Lawrence Rogak
    Readers say: - It s the Bible of our office! I wish I had this book ten years ago! It s so easy to read and understand! The First Comprehensive Book on
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      Readers say: - "It's the Bible of our office!"

                                 "I wish I had this book ten years ago!"  

                                 "It's so easy to read and understand!"

      The First Comprehensive Book on New York No-Fault Ever Published

      One New York judge has described no-fault litigation as a "Frankenstein monster." The Court of Appeals has called it a "Rube Goldberg-like maze." And everyone involved, from claims examiners to medical providers to the lawyers who practice it, call it a mess.

      Since 1974, attorneys, insurance carriers and claimants alike have struggled to understand the poorly-written no-fault regulations. Judges have struggled to interpret those regulations and decide cases based on those interpretations.

      While the New York State Insurance Department has provided some opinions for guidance, for the most part the bench and the bar have dealt with this field like a busy intersection without traffic signals.

      Lawrence N. Rogak: Insurance Lawyer

      Lawrence N. Rogak has been practicing insurance law since 1981. He has litigated and arbitrated over 7,000 no-fault claims.

      Mr. Rogak has also written hundreds of law-related articles for such publications as The New York Law Journal, Claims Magazine, Insurance Advocate, Risk Management Magazine, and his own daily newsletter, The Rogak Report. He also has a prior book, "Rogak's New York Insurance Law."

      Mr. Rogak felt that it was about time someone wrote a complete guide to New York no-fault.

      All the confusion now made simple...

      Lawrence N. Rogak has divided no-fault into 89 major topics and hundreds of sub-topics. For each, he has provided authoritative statutes, case law, arbitration decisions and Insurance Department opinions to explain the topic and guide the reader. Plus, he has added his own commentaries with his opinions, observations, and practice tips.

      As if that weren't enough, the book also contains the complete No-Fault regulations, the No-Fault statutes, and all the official forms.

      ROGAK'S NEW YORK NO-FAULT LAW & PRACTICE was released in March 2007 and is available for ordering online right now. CLICK LINK BELOW FOR ORDERING.

      You can EMAIL Lawrence N. Rogak at: InsuranceLawyer@...

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