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Zalma's Insurance Fraud Letter, November 1, 2006

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  • Barry Zalma
    Friends: I have just published to my web site at http://www.zalma.com the November 1, 2006 issue of Zalma s Insurance Fraud Letter where you can read, among
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      I have just published to my web site at http://www.zalma.com the November 1, 2006 issue of Zalma's Insurance Fraud Letter where you can read, among other things:

      Insurers Must Share Fraud Information
      Did You Meet the Deadline?
      Have You Had Your Fraud Training?
      You Only Had Until September 1, 2006 to Comply!
      Why Are Insurers a Lawsuit Target?
      The Lawyer as an Insurance Fraud Expert
      Don't Sweat The Small Fraud
      Good News
      From the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
                        More on Rex DeGeorge
                        Guilty in NJ
                        Rotten Dirty Scoundrel
                        Another HIH Conviction
                        Fake Insurance Company -- Five Years Probation Only
                        Insurance Fraudsters Ordered to Pay Victim & Spend Three Years In Prison
                        Louisiana Agent Shut Down for Fraud
                        Crooked Doctor Pleads Guilty
                        Caught With Finger in Cookie Jar
                        Probation for Fraud
                        Guilty in Pennsylvania
                        Sentenced for Embezzling $1 Million from Insurer
      If you wish to subscribe to the text version please send me an e-mail with your full name, title, company, and full mailing address and I will add you to the list of more than 3000 who read it every week.


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