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2752Re: Did The Casey Anthony Jurors Violate Their Oath?

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  • Eve
    Jul 8, 2011
      I am in complete and utter total agreement with you Mr. Rogak. I for one am appauled at the jury verdict. While I am a woman and yes cannot deny that emotion plays a big factor in my feelings, I have been saying all along that the drowning in the pool and parents covering it up argument is completely bogus especially since the first time I can recall hearing about this defense of drowning in the pool was at the time of trial. Correct me if Im wrong but for the longest time the story was that the Nanny kidnapped her??? Only upon proving that there was no nanny did the defense decide they would have to come up with a different story-none of which was proven by any of the evidence whatsoever. No evidence of drowning whatsoever. Another thing that stands out to me, the whole world saw how Casey's parents were originally quick to rush to her defense and go so far as to perjure themselves on the stand, hence I refuse to believe that if her story about the drowning was true as well as, the cover-up (which I dont believe) that they would not have come to her defense and disclosed it at some point especially when there daughter was facing the death penalty!!!! Im sure if that were the truth at some point they could have worked out some deal especially because I read they originally offered Casey immunity to cooperate.
      I also cannot get passed the fact that chloroform was found in her trunk as well as Caylee's hair-why oh why would anyone have traces of chloroform in their trunk. Another quick point, I read the statement of Lee Anthony and many others shortly after the child went missing, Lee Anthony says when he went to the Boyfriends house to pick up his sister's stuff after she said Caylee went missing and the cops were called there was not one shred of baby stuff and the mother also said she never brought any of Caylee's things. Not to mention that she borrowed a shovel from the neighbor a few days before and abandoned her car-which I fully believe is what she did.
      In my mind this was pre-meditated murder but even if not, it was felonious murder. The jury harped on the reasonable doubt issue which of course was Jose Baez only argument in closing-you could tell because he of course repeated it numerous times but offered up nothing but an unproven, speculative alternative argument. No one ever testified they saw Caylee drowned in the pool etc., no medical document ever classified her death as a drowning etc. I believe in the Constitution of course and the Fifth Amendment but I really wish that somehow someway she would have been forced to take the stand because I believe the prosecution would have tore her to shreds then but thats not an option in this case. I wish the jury had had you to explain reasonable doubt to them before hand maybe then Justice would have been served.
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