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1225ClaimSchool Publishes Zalma's Insurance Fraud Letter

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  • Barry Zalma
    Aug 1 7:17 AM

      Insurance fraud is the most expensive "white collar" crime next to tax fraud. It costs every person who buys insurance by stealing from the public more than $100 billion every year. Since the crime is committed with a pen rather than a gun it receives little or no attention from main stream media.

      For more than ten years ClaimSchool has published Zalma's Insurance Fraud Letter (ZIFL) free at http://www.zalma.com to reduce the ability of insurance criminals to succeed in their crime and to help the Insurance Fraud Professional do what is necessary to defeat the crime with, or without, the assistance of criminal prosecution agencies.

      The current issue includes a call by the author for professionalism in claims handling so that more claims handlers will recognize fraud when it is attempted. In addition the issue contains stories about why a lawyer must pay his clients $58 million; why the US Attorney Refuses to Prosecute Scruggs; Hartford Pays $115 Million to Settle with AG's, that a broker is required to reimburse Floridians $3.2 million; Therapeutic Procedures To Explode a Chiropratic Practice; how FBI Data Mining Targets Include Insurance Fraud; why Insurance Fraud Leads to Other Crimes, that Fraud Requires Reliance & Prompt Action; and the good news of convictions for insurance fraud across the United States.

      Zalma's Insurance Fraud Letter is written by Barry Zalma, a California insurance coverage attorney, insurance consultant and expert witness.

      Subscriptions to the text version of ZIFL is available free by sending an e-mail to zalma@... with your full name, title, company and mailing address requesting a subscription.


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