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  • semirhage
    Role play for writing as well as spiritual and psychological growth By Nyna Shtern aka Sem As a writer and a practitioner of the metaphysical I must write a
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      Role play for writing as well as spiritual and psychological growth
      By Nyna Shtern aka Sem
           As a writer and a practitioner of the metaphysical I must write a bit about what role play has done for me.  Lets take it one step at a time, though, as we're working with three rather different topics/concepts that I feel I must combine.  First lets cover how Role Play helps me as a writer.
      Writing  and Role Play:
           Role play has  me constantly thinking of plots so  that I may do my part to keep each game I'm in alive.  Always having to think of how to do my bit to keep a plot going obviously does a great deal to save me  from the dreads of writers block for the ideas are always flowing.  Also making up new characters for  a game has often turned into using those same characters in a book or story.  If not for the game, the characters wouldn't have come to me.  When writing a role play post or message, I always use proper grammar and diction to my best ability which also aids me in my writing.  The more I practice in Role Play, the better writer I become.
      Now for the next topic/concept in  my line of reasoning.
      Role Play for Spiritual Growth:
            Due to more than coincidental experiences I've had from dealing with my characters, I believe that many of  them live in other worlds of existence and that we writers, bards, tellers, or what ever word you prefer to use are somehow hearing them and their stories as they are surely likewise picking up on ours.  The best writing I've done is when this connection is made.  I feel as if I'm hearing a story and not writing it.  If the flow stops, I simply wait for weeks if I must, asking the characters/beings all  the while to tell me what is going on in their lives.  When something happens worth telling, they do so and the story goes on.  I believe that we are connected to specific 'characters' or beings as they are connected to us.  For example, I've often been asked to play a specific character or type of character, and I've had to say 'no' to the other players request.  This is just because some types of characters I simply don't feel...can't get into...or can't hear because we simply don't relate to each other  or have any desire to communicate.
      Now for the third and final topic/concept in my line of reasoning.
      Role play and psychology
      As well as being a writer, I'm also a healer on many levels so seek to aid people  as much as I can.  To begin to aid anyone, one must first understand the person somewhat.  I've found that my ever-so-useful passion for Role Play has often helped me greatly to do this as well.  In role playing specific types of characters I've gained a deeper understanding of such a person.  The character lets me into his or her head, and when you're  that close to someone of course you gain a very in-depth understanding of them.  In playing a man  who was constantly physically and emotionally abused by his step father, for example, I now see how that man as an adult can turn out the way he has.  Before playing this rather intriguing dark wizard, I can not claim such a grasp of the abused mind.  Another character of mine went bad because he was constantly suppressed by religion.  I can't say I've ever had that problem personally but now I see what it feels like through him.  I could go on and on, but I think you get the general idea.
           So do think.  It is more than fascinating how such a 'simple' hobby can have such a useful impact on so many levels if used properly.
      So with that in mind, play, learn, and grow.
    • Dylan Cook
      Dear Semirhage Great post! I totally agree. Keep up the good work. I find the characters will choose how the story ends even though they feel like they have
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 4 3:08 PM
        Dear Semirhage
        Great post! I totally agree. Keep up the good work. I find the characters will choose how
        the story ends even though they feel like they have no choice. This is the only difference
        between life and stories...although there are exceptions where people feel obligated to do
        They see themselves in a certain way, and respond and act accordingly. That is why it is
        important to examine our perceptions of ourselves and our choices so we don't inadvertently
        cause harm that we had not intended. Christopher Penzak has a great quote relating to
        magick: Intention is everything. If we give up and not examine ourselves we can say later
        "Oh I didn't know any better because of this". I am not suggesting we don't forgive people
        for inadvertently causing harm, but to realize if we had payed attention to the way we think
        about ourselves then we could have spared ourselves a lot of suffering and frustration. It
        agrees also with what Aristotle thought.
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