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Rethinking Religion in India III: European Representations and Indian Responses

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  • Marianne
    Dear friends, We are pleased to announce the third conference of the five-year conference cluster Rethinking Religion in India III: European Representations
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      Dear friends,

      We are pleased to announce the third conference of the five-year
      conference cluster Rethinking Religion in India III: European
      Representations and Indian Responses, which will take place from 11 to
      14 October 2011 at the University of Pardubice in Czech Republic.


      Today, a virtual consensus has come into being among scholars that the
      dominant modern descriptions of Hinduism, Brahmanism, Vedism, Sikhism,
      Jainism, ... are the result of collaboration between Europeans and
      Indians. Scholars like Brian Pennington, Phillip Wagoner, Thomas
      Trautmann and others have characterised this collaboration as a kind of
      dialogue, a dialogue between people belonging to two different cultures
      possessing different conceptual frameworks. This dialogue, it is said,
      has resulted in descriptions that contain elements of both sides and are
      therefore neither entirely European nor entirely Indian.

      In the third Rethinking Religion in India conference we want to take a
      closer look at this consensus, at its implications and examine whether
      and how it helps us in the study of religion in India.

      The conference will work towards these ambitions in three formats:

      1. The Platform Sessions: Monologue or Dialogue?

      In the course of three sessions three clearly formulated theses will be
      discussed among four experts. The speakers that are invited for this
      session are: Prof. Arvind Mandair, Prof. Brian Pennington, Prof.
      Nicholas Dirks and Prof. S.N. Balagangadhara (speakers to be confirmed).

      2. The Roundtable Sessions: The Indian Response

      In these plenary sessions we will look at the Indian side of the
      dialogue: how have Indians responded to the European descriptions of
      their religion and culture?

      3. The Parallel Sessions: in the Parallel Paper Sessions scholars will
      present their research on one of the themes given below. In the "How
      to...?" Workshops there will be more room for participation from the

      A call for papers for the Parallel Paper Sessions is open on the
      following themes:

      * The colonial construction of Hinduism
      * The caste system and Indian religion
      * Secularism in Europe and India
      * Said and Orientalism: dead or alive?
      * European representations of India
      * What does the modernization of Indian traditions mean?
      * Islamic mysticism in European and Indian perspective

      We also invite submissions of proposals for "How to…?"

      For more information on all the sessions please visit our website:

      Abstracts and proposals for workshops can be submitted online via our
      website (see call for papers).

      The deadline for submissions of abstracts and proposals is the June
      15th, 2011.

      A number of interviews, presentations and debates of the first two
      conferences, Rethinking Religion in India I & II, can be watched on

      Looking forward to welcoming you at our conference,

      The Organising Committee

      This conference is jointly organised by

      * the Research Centre Vergelijkende Cultuurwetenschap (Ghent
      University, Belgium),
      * the Department of Religious Studies (University of Pardubice, Czech
      * the Centre for the Study of Local Cultures (Kuvempu University,
      * the India Platform UGent (Ghent University, Belgium) and
      * the Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities, Karnataka


      Marianne Keppens

      Research Centre Vergelijkende Cultuurwetenschap

      Ghent University, Belgium

      tel: +32 (0)9 264 93 71

      e-mail: Marianne.Keppens@...


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