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SAR Mystery Solved

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  • Flying Pig
    Now that I m within good phone reception (wifi, Vonage), I called the CG number I d posted here earlier. After some lovely chatter about our gratitude for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2009
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      Now that I'm within good phone reception (wifi, Vonage), I called the CG
      number I'd posted here earlier.

      After some lovely chatter about our gratitude for the *real* extraction we
      enjoyed a couple of years ago, the desk guy called me back after looking up
      the file.

      It was, indeed, a concerned friend, one who's given me hands-on assistance
      with a knotty problem I had aboard as well as email assistance on others of
      the same ilk, and with whom I communicate fairly often, who called. Given
      the realities of the time, a bit overreactive, and likely the friend had no
      clue that a full-scale search would be launched as a result of his call.

      However, when I was talking with the CG guy, and expressed horror and
      remorse at the level of unneeded response, he said "Don't worry about it.
      No big deal. It's what we do."

      So, unless the CG contacts me for further info, that's how I'm accepting
      it - it's "what they do" - and all in a day's work.

      I expect that all the media was a bit like the game of "telephone" - info
      started one way, and by the time it had been passed along, edited, enhanced
      and otherwise molded for their purposes, it grew into a media event. LOL,
      prolly even more folks we've never heard of will hail us asking us if we're
      that famous Flying Pig (you'd have to read back in last years logs to see
      what I mean in detail about that) :{))

      Never a shrinking violet, like someone famous once said, there's no such
      thing as bad publicity - only "NO" publicity. So, while it's embarrassing,
      if you let it be so, I have always held the position that if it won't matter
      in 5 years, or if I can laugh about it later, I'll laugh about it now. I
      have to admit, it's been nice seeing that lovely picture, from Georgetown
      last year, of our home shown to several TV audiences. Much better than the
      one on the title page of my gallery :{))

      Enjoying Manjack Cay, soon to go to Green Turtle Cay (see the spot page), in
      the Abacos. Saw a couple of nurse sharks swimming up close and personal
      yesterday on the beach inside the scoop at the north side, but no good
      snorkeling and not the first fish on the line :{/)

      L8R, ya'll

      Skip and crew

      Morgan 461 #2
      SV Flying Pig KI4MPC
      See our galleries at www.justpickone.org/skip/gallery !
      Follow us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheFlyingPigLog
      and/or http://groups.google.com/group/flyingpiglog

      "You are never given a wish without also being given the power to
      make it come true. You may have to work for it however."
      "There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in
      its hand
      (Richard Bach)
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