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  • Skip Gundlach
    Dear Skip and Lydia, sounds like you are off on a great adventure! What are you using to get your real-time weather reports? I d love to be able to get
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 20, 2007
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      Dear Skip and Lydia,  sounds like you are off on a great adventure!  What are you using to get your real-time weather reports?  I'd love to be able to get those on Black Pearl.

      I am currently in Bradenton, at Twin Dolphin Marina, headed to Houston in a few days. Would like to get the weather reports as you do.

      Georgie Sage

      Hi, Georgie, and group,

      We have a quadrafilar helical antenna on our arch, feeding a Hamtronics R139 specialty HF receiver (you could use a manually tuned ham or SSB) which passes sound to our sound card on the computer.
      Through WxtoImg free software, we decode that and see real time pictures.  When I get the pictures up from this part of  our journey there will be a sample.  You get a half-dozen different views (infrared, ultraviolet visible spectrum, and others) after decoding.
      Rather technical, but it can be done or purchased.  There is free weather fax software I've not yet pursued which also comes in on HF radio; that comes from the government broadcasts.  That has analysis; I like seeing the real-time stuff...
      Hope that helped!



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