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583Re: [The Flying Pig Log] Whole lotta shakin' goin' on...

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    Feb 15, 2013
      Dear Skip,
      We met when you visited our roundtable on Asian sailing at the SSCA Melbourne
      2011 Gam. Loved your blog, though couldn't pull up the photos.

      We can truly relate to your recent post splash trials and tribulations, as we
      just splashed 2 weeks ago in Grenada after ZEELANDER had been on the hard at
      Spice Island Marine since early May. We lived aboard the last three months of
      that sojourn, catching up on all the big and little things that had been put

      We only got as far as Petit Martinique be foe the storage gremlins hit: the
      starboard engine wouldn't restart...and had a bilge full of fresh water...a
      whole tank's worth! Several days later, the leak was traced to a worn hose in
      the cockpit shower, so we replaced the shower with a new-to-us unit bought at
      the Annapolis Gam flea market. John ended up rebuilding an old starter engine
      and last Tuesday, we were off again to check in to the Grenadines at Union
      Island. Four days later, still here, as the port engine valves were clicking,
      indicating a need for adjustment. Galley bilge pump wires were corroded and
      the watermaker wouldn't start without a new switch installed. Only made two
      gallons before shutting down, so another work in progress ensues.
      Fixing boats in Exotic places is a recurring activity needing to be constantly
      relearned, but it could be worse...we could be freezing in NJ!

      We expect to haul out for the Hurricane season at Palmas Del Mar in Puerto
      Rico this year, then decide next season whether to stay longer down here in
      the Caribbean or start up to FL through the Bahamas. We've never sailed there
      yet, even though we circumnavigated both the world and the Caribbean, so maybe
      it's time as we approach 80! Hope to see you there,one of these years.

      Suzanne and John

      SY ZEELANDER 39' Privilege Catamaran
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