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581Re: [The Flying Pig Log] Queen For A Day - Free 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis

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  • Flying Pig
    Jan 17, 2013
      Hi, All,

      To date, we have no takers, and no direct inquiries, either, for our offer
      of a free car.  So, without fear of depriving someone, a modification of the

      We're going to be shaking down both Flying Pig, the boat we've been working
      on for the last two years, and ourselves, also off the water for that time,
      for a couple of months.  In early March, we'll return to a mooring in Vero
      Beach, just down the street from where Lydia's mother is currently helping
      out in a house her very best high school friends used to own before they
      died some years ago.

      Once ashore, we'll be doing the kids and grandkids circuit, as well as
      attending a wedding of one of Lydia's kids, all made easier by having a car
      available to us.  We'll be back in Vero the second week in April, and after
      some reprovisioning, leave again for the foreseeable future.

      At that time, I will renew the offer so that folks don't lose sight of it.
      However, in the meantime, we'll still take mail for who might get the car
      when we've finished with it.

      Meanwhile, for those who are interested (and I'll put up a bit more detailed
      log posting just before we go), most of the pictures of our refit are now up
      on our gallery.  Just the last-minute stuff is more than 20 projects



      Morgan 461 #2
      SV Flying Pig KI4MPC
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      - Dr. Samuel Johnson
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