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  • Skip Gundlach
    Nov 22 4:03 AM
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      Today is the United States’ observation of Thanksgiving, one of the few
      national holidays remaining which have not been subverted into a Monday
      extension of a weekend and thus lost in the shuffle.

      Among other things, these are what I’m thankful for today:

      I still have my eyesight, and most of my muscular functions, albeit
      age-appropriate. At my age, many of my contemporaries have little, or no,
      function in those areas. For that matter, a fair number of my contemporaries
      have NO body functions left, having departed this life, naturally or
      otherwise, and I’m thankful I’m not yet with them.

      I’m thankful for my ex-wives and my current wife, all of whom have enriched
      my life.

      I’m thankful for my children and stepchildren, and their offspring, if they
      have any, as they, too, have enriched my life.

      I’m thankful for the sizable number of people I’ve never met but with whom I’ve
      developed a familiarity over the internet. A goodly portion of them don’t
      agree with what I believe, but tolerate me, as I tolerate them, in
      expounding on those beliefs. Those whose tolerance is somewhat less, of
      course, won’t see this :{)) None the less, I’m thankful for them, too, along
      with those still here, as without them, my life would be just a little bit
      less enriched.

      I’m thankful for my ability work on my home, and, shortly, to take it back
      out on the sea, exploring the riches available via wind, diligence and
      patience, leading me to cultures and sights unfamiliar.

      There’s so much else for which I’m thankful that it’s difficult to stop, but
      as a parting thought, I’m thankful that the US has yet to experience the
      terrorism and financial ruin (two different problems!) that so much of the
      world has had to deal with on a daily basis.

      Wherever you are, I’m thankful you’re seeing this...



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