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574Trojan Horse apology

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  • Skip Gundlach
    Nov 7, 2012
      Hi, folks,

      First, a different apology, that being one of unnecessary bandwidth, this being a non-relevant item for our cruising...

      Recently, one of our subscribers sent (via a Trojan infection) a post here inviting you to "view this" - which, unfortunately, if you did, likely would give you the same trojan.

      I'm assuming the majority of you didn't open it, but if you haven't yet seen it, or if someone else sends you a "view this" mail, you should verify it before opening, or you'll join those who are unknowingly sending out these mails.

      All that said, our refit is coming to a close; we hope to splash just after Thanksgiving.  I'll have the latest pictures up soon; you can look in the 2011-2012 refit gallery in the link below if you're interested...



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