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569Sunday in the boatyard

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  • Skip Gundlach
    Aug 20, 2012
      Today was the litmus test of our months of back- and arm-breaking work on the bottom of our boat. We repaired everything there was to repair, dried everything which was wet, and then took what most of the observers thought was entirely too long to get it fair.

      Today saw the first coat of two-part epoxy barrier coat applied, about 2 gallons. We'd been warned that we'd see all manner of horrible things, from bubbles to pits to pinholes to waves, all of which would have to be cured before the next coat went on.

      We must have done something wrong, because there's not the first instance of any of the above. Very knowledgeable folks in the yard, who have wandered over today, not quite believing the scuttlebutt that we were, in fact, actually applying barrier coat, finally (there's a pool on whether we'll be launched before the end of the year, or will it be before Independence Day), have said it looks like it just came out of the factory.

      We're very sore, and very pleased. We got up before dawn to beat the usual afternoon rain showers, but there have been none so far, of course. I'd have loved to have had a bit more sleep, but we'll hit the hay early and do it all over again, tomorrow, including moving all the jack stands again (leaving open spots to touch up, of course).

      Pictures later, when I'm allowed to spend time on my computer (the Admiral sees my computer as the devil, and my time there as sinning grievously) :{))



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