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558Life in the Boatyard...

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  • Flying Pig
    Feb 23, 2012
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      Greetings, y'all...

      No, we didn't drop off the face of the earth...

      I just finished a letter to my son who asked when I was going to set sail.
      Here's what I said:

      Today marks the last day of sanding on the last batch of the epoxy fairing
      compound we've been putting all over our hull, sanding down with longboards
      to minimize all the dings. It's come out VERY well.

      Barrier coat will start tomorrow, if we don't find something bad enough to
      warrant making up some more fairing (which may happen; there are a myriad of
      little bubble spots which will have to be filled, either at this stage, or
      at the first layer of barrier coat, with a much smaller makeup of a
      different epoxy filler).

      Rudder and shaft challenges have also crept in and will delay our departure
      if they aren't resolved before we're finished with the bottom paint. About
      40 small chores are also on the list. Not all the current pix are up, but
      you can get an idea of what we've accomplished so far by clicking the
      gallery link, then the 2011 refit thumbnail.

      As always, a boat's an onion - peel a layer, cry, peel another layer, cry
      some more :{))

      So, as to setting sail, that's still very much up in the air, complicated by
      family-type stuff. There are two major events that I'm sure Lydia will want
      to be a part of, one in April, and another some time this summer, in Rabun
      County. Last I heard, your sister will produce another nephew for you
      somewhere in that same time frame, as well, so if we have to be in the
      neighborhood at that time, I'll take advantage of that as well. Lydia's
      mother is still on the fence, but we expect her with us once we actually
      start sailing. If all the above happens first, she'll stay where she is at
      the moment; if not, it could get interesting as to how and where she stays
      during all our travels aground.

      So, our original thought to immediately head to Haiti via the Bahamas and
      beyond doesn't make all that much sense (airplanes back in such a short
      time, along with all the challenges related to boat storage and Portia). In
      addition, there has been enough done, and the boat out of the water long
      enough, that I want to shake it down before we start crossing oceans. As we
      still don't have any real idea of when it will be that we go back in the
      water, we'll have to play it by ear, but a trip through the Keys is
      something we've never done. Likewise, we never really got to enjoy Maine or
      the rest of that area, as it was late enough in the year that we had to
      sorta hurry south after the two miserable weeks of constant rain there.

      Ironically, should we decide to go north, we got taken advantage of in
      Georgetown, giving ALL our charts and books for everything north of Florida
      to a cruising couple who were going to do that trip next. We hadn't
      discussed costs, and we believe that they thought we were just giving them
      away (despite our meeting having come via their asking if anyone had charts
      over the morning VHF net), so brought a bottle of wine. We didn't feel
      comfortable making an issue of it once their intent was evident, especially
      since we really didn't expect to need them again. MANY hundreds of dollars
      worth of charts and books which we'll have to replace if that's what we

      Ennyhoo, it will certainly be several weeks before we CAN go back in the
      water. Barrier coat, bottom coat (both with having to move jack stands on
      each coat), and boot stripes on the hull, removal and cutting (long story
      about my mistakes when we got the new shaft during our initial refit) the
      driveshaft, along with a critical decision on whether to return to a
      standard packing or keep the dripless one we have now (technical discussion)
      as well as replacing the cutlass bearing (with one of the two spares I
      bought when I replaced it in the initial refit) are absolutes; since we
      can't replace the rudder (another long story), leak (occasioned by the major
      pitting present chewing up packing material) remediation at the packing
      gland for the rudder post is under way and options being considered for that
      as well.

      "What can I say? It's a boat!" is a mantra among cruisers facing the same
      or like challenges...

      So, that's what's up with Flying Pig. All the intervening time (we're
      closing in on a year in this filthy yard) has had unexpected benefits,
      allowing us to be here for significant family events, a good thing,
      silver-lining/lemonade-from-lemons-wise, but we're definitely ready to get
      back on the water.

      There are lots more pictures I've not uploaded, of the projects which have
      either been completed since the last uploading session (only done during
      extended visits to Lydia's mother, staying at a high-school friends' home
      while she patiently waits for us to finish, where there's broadband), or new
      ones which have arisen; I'll come back with reports on that when they're up.
      Suffice to say, some of them are pretty scary if you know what you're
      looking at!


      Skip and Crew

      Morgan 461 #2
      SV Flying Pig KI4MPC
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      I expect to pass this way but once; any good therefore that I can do, or any
      kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now.
      Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.

      - Etienne Griellet